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A Few of Our Favorite Things: January


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Let’s talk about resolutions. I have some of the same ones every year — travel more, eat healthier, workout more, take better care of my skin — and I typically try and fail. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? OK, no.

Our five favorites are some things that should help you out with whatever your resolutions are. Check them out, then tell me in the comments what you’re resolving to do in 2017!

Painting by numbers

Let’s craft more this year, guys.  Merlot 2 Masterpiece is a BYOB wine and painting spot with locations in the Houston area (mostly outside of the 610 loop). They are partnered with Gifted Custom Art have this super cool paint-by-numbers custom box through Gifted Custom Art‘s Paint Kit that turns a favorite photo of yours into a monochromatic paint by numbers. You submit the photo online, and it generates a preview. Then you get the canvas, paints and brushes in the mail. It’s a lot of work, but it ends up being so cool! You can pick your own set of colors, but I really recommend the brown/black, unless you have a color scheme going on where you plan on hanging it.

At $99, it’s a little pricey, but we can get ya half off! It’s totally worth the $50, I promise. This took me days and days spread out over weeks and weeks to do, so it’s an investment of both time and money, but I loved doing it and now I love having it! Be sure to use the code “itsnothouitsme” for half off at checkout! 

Source Vital’s After Workout Kit


It’s January, which means TONS of gym time (Pssttt… we have your ultimate guide to working out in Houston right here!) and with tons of gym time comes gym bag necessities. Source Vital — a Houston-based, all organic beauty company — has got you covered with their After Workout Kit. We’ve recommended some other kits from SV in our Christmas gift guide, and I don’t like to play favorites…… but this is my favorite. The kit is perfectly sized, and has all that I need post workout. The peppermint body wash wakes you up, the sports balm gives some lovin to any soreness you might have, the spray deodorant works like a charm, and the multispray freshens up your bag or, you know, even your skin! I think I love both the sprays the most. I had 0 faith in the deodorant spray post workout, but, y’all it works!

Bootay Bag


Wanna bag more booty? This might help you with that… I found this new subscription service called Bootay Bag on Facebook. It was a total “try one month free” kind of thing, but then you have to subscribe before you get the free month. I got my free month and didn’t cancel. I think it’s such a novelty!

How it works is pretty simple—no frills (except maybe on your undies). You pay $12 a month and are shipped (for free, usually to your mailbox) two pairs of undies. You can opt in for thong only, a mix or never thong.

I’ve gotten two shipments, and I love every pair. They’ve all fit, and while not be my style or color, mix up my daily underwear. Get 30% off your first order with the code “HOUSTON30”!

Perfectly Posh

If your New Year’s resolution was to take better care of your skin, then it’s Posh’s Becky Michel to the rescue. We tried some of the beauty company’s products, you know, for research. Here were some of my favorites!

  • BFF: Best Face Forever’s exfoliating facewash. I’ve gotten this before somewhere, and I still love it! It’s the perfect mix of scrub and wash, so my skin feels both surface-level and deeply clean.
  • Sunny & Share’s coconut oil. Coconut oil is amazing for your face, your body or even your hair. No rules with this product.
  • Perfectly Posh’s Cackle Spackle face mask. Charcoal is very in right now, and this mask is definitely a part of the trend. I loved the tingle!

Tiny cookies


Trying to eat less in 2017? Houston-based The Baking Bear makes the smallest little bite-sized cookies! They’re gluten free, soy free, dairy free, sugar free and corn free. They sound gross to you, don’t they? They aren’t! Each serving is 4 tiny cookies and only 10 calories. There are several flavors, and I tried the peanut butter ones. They weren’t really sweet, but they tasted like a dessert, if that makes sense. You can order online at arrange a pick up with the owner! More info here!

Bonus if you’re wanting to give back more — a portions of The Baking Bear’s proceeds support type one diabetes research and animal rescue charities.


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5 thoughts on “A Few of Our Favorite Things: January

  1. I need all of these products – especially the bootay bag! A girl can never have enough undies. Can’t decide if this would be a good gift for a friend or for myself…leaning toward myself though 😉 Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. THANKS for the shout out! You always have such great posts and wonderful ideas!
    Perfectly Posh has been so much fun to use and share! Natural based, cruelty free, sulfate free, some Vegan lines, and made in the USA!
    If anyone wants to try samples or has questions, feel free to email me at:

  3. Ooh the booty bag kinda reminds me of Me Undies! My boyfriends podcast has them as a sponsor and they send him underwater every month! It’s the guy version I guess!

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