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10 Galentine’s Day Ideas in Houston


All my single ladies, all my single ladies: Put your hands up if you want to grab your gals for a special celebration of Galentine’s Day: No boys allowed.

Oh, and if you DO have a boy to spend the day with, we also have you covered. Or, just have your guy tag along to one of these suggestions.


No. 1 idea for a Galentine’s Day celebration is something spa related — and for good reason. You deserve a day in no make-up getting prettied up by professionals with all your closest friends. Do this. You earned it.

Mani/pedi at Paloma

Paloma Nails Houston

Paloma Nail Salon

I LOVE Paloma. Let me list the ways…

First of all, it’s nails only. There’s no sketchy back room that you enter wondering, “Hmm, I wonder if they clean the furniture between clients.” Nails, and that’s it.

Secondly, when I entered PALOMA, granted, it was on it’s first day of services, it smelled like a spa, not at all the normal nail salon smell. It was a scent from a burning candle (which they sell!) that instantly started my relaxation process.

Next, the salon is sleek af. Every piece of furniture is hand picked. There’s a beautiful gradient wall in the back, and the chairs for mani-pedis are up on a platform across a wall, which provides a symmetric aesthetic that is art in itself.

OK, I’m burying the lede here, but the biggest, most important part of PALOMA, is that all the products are toxin free (PALOMA’s website is v detailed, btw). Basically, every single product they sell or use passes the toxic-free, environmentally friendly, technician-friendly test.

Note: It’s obviously a tad more expensive than a normal salon, but it’s not actually that much more. If you’re like me — on a budget and only rarely in the “Treat Yo’Self” mood, it’s your spot.

Facial or massage at Milk and Honey

milk and honey houston

When’s the last time you went to a spa? Where was it? WHEN was it? For us, it’s like never. Vacations, maybe, or the rare treat yo’self moment, but for the most part, nah. TBH we don’t even know where we would go in Houston for a spa…The Four Seasons Downtown? A friend of a friend of a friend who has a esthetician license? IDK?! Enter: Milk and Honey. The West Ave spa is be your go-to spa and fills the void in the relatively spa-less Houston.

Style at Birds Barbershop


I’m one of those people who rarely gets a haircut. It’s a thing I do maybe once or twice a year. I’ve always grown my hair long, then chopped it all off in a semi impulsive decision. (I also have been known to do this type of decision in regards to hair color, oops). I don’t usually love getting haircuts…

Enter: Birds Barbershop.  While Birds can’t solve all my haircut annoyances, they definitely made the experience enjoyable. I.E. You get to have a Shiner while you get cut.

Psst! Full list of how to treat yo’self right here, y’all!


Food is my Valentine. Here are some squad friendly spots to enjoy a bite with your Galentines!

Brunch at Tiny Boxwood’s



The most picturesque brunch is undoubtedly Tiny Boxwood’s. So, go for the brunch, stay for the plant shopping and photo sesh.

Order a mimosa or a sangria, and any of the entrees are a delight. But you must definitely get a cookie. Are we clear?

Brunch at Bernadine’s

Bernadine's Houston brunch

Bernadine’s Houston brunch

Bernadine’s, a sister to Down House and Hunky Dory, is a Gulf Coast cuisine restaurant in the Heights (yes that means there was a lot of fish on the menu, but also a lot of to die for southern cooking).

Bernadine’s is trendy AF. The décor is pretty minimalistic with exposed lighting, wood slat ceiling, and touches of soft wood and burlap. It’s got a spacious patio (with heaters!) and elegant place settings. A good place to go to impress people—especially your gal pals for Galentine’s Day!

Lunch at the Kitchen at Dunlavy 

the kitchen at the dunlavy chandeliers

The Dunlavy chandeliers

Have you run around Buffalo Bayou recently and been wondering what that mysterious new building is by Lost Lake? Amongst all the new exciting changes and grand opening of Buffalo Bayou, there is a new building that is part park info, part event-space, and part grab-and-go café, called the Kitchen at Dunlavy.

Lunch is casual, but you dine among the trees and beautiful chandeliers. Salads, sandwiches and a full bar, btw! You can come from a park run/walk or get all dolled up!

Heads up! This is also an event space, so double check to make sure they are open before you go!

Dinner at Taverna

taverna river oaks district

Looking for an excuse to visit the River Oaks District in Houston? Look no farther than Taverna for brunch. It’s an Italian restaurant with a classic Italian foods. It’s positioned on the Westheimer side of the complex, which is super easy to access. There is plenty of parking and you don’t have to deal with parking garages or valet attendants. It’s a huge restaurant with plenty of seating.

Grab some pasta and some vino, and then postgame with a walk around the River Oaks District after! Or, splurge and shop!

Sweets at Steel City Pops


I really wanted to go with a decadent recommendation… but these pops are so good. And cheap! And… some of them are more like ice cream than pops. Ps. It’s right next door to Birds Barbershop! Grab a pop and a haircut!


Cheers to you and your fierce friends. Here’s where you should sip and spill (the juicy gossip only).

Cocktails at Julep


Julep is a girly bar to me — even though it’s kind of a whisky bar. It’s just SO cute, and all of the design elements are so southern chic. Even better: They make a stiff cocktail here, ladies. Uber here. Obviously, your first drink should be a mint julep, however for your second… try one of the cocktails (not under the classics). The menu is seasonal so there is always something new to try!

Wine at Beckrew Wine House

Rosé wine flights and brie….it's cheat day 😅🙌🏼 #helloweekend #rosé #wineflight #brie #beckrewwinehouse

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Wine and cheese are hard to beat for a Galentine’s Day activity! Beckrew is newish to the Upper Kirby area, and it super cute. There’s a great menu and tons of different wines. (Hint: Go at happy hour!). Ps. Order the brie.

Beer at Kirby Ice House


For the gals that love to sip some pints and chat, you’re my people. There are a lot of beer-loving bars, but this one is my favorite. It’s mostly outside. The selection is great. Dogs are allowed. Plenty of parking. Literally, all my favorite things. Not so much a Galentine’s spot, just a chill place where you can bring all your bitches (and literal bitches).



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