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Where to Go Before and After the Houston Rodeo


Whether you’re planning to camp out at NRG Park this month or just make one big day of it, we’ve got 10 places to pregame (or post game!) the rodeo this year. And most are off the super convenient METRORail line — which is just $1.25 to ride. Click here for more info on the rail!

PSA: The rodeo starts at 6:45 p.m. during the week, which is perfect timing if you’re coming from work! BUT on the weekends it starts at 3:45 p.m. Don’t miss out on the fun by being late!


Take the red line to/from the Main Central Station and hop off/ whenever is closer for you!

Boots ‘n Shoots

Right on the downtown MetroRail line, Boots ‘n Shoots is probably best for a post-game visit. It sounds a LOT more country than it is, however, boots are welcomed if they are ready to shoot some whiskey! Downstairs feels like a small bar on Sixth Street in Austin, but upstairs feels like a club. I’ve been twice and loved upstairs for the music and atmosphere (gotta be in the mood for loud and dancing!). Music was SOLID both times too. Order drinks downstairs because the upstairs bar tends to be awful.

The Rustic

Live music, great food, and HUGE margaritas! Stay in the festive, country mood by heading out to The Rustic! The restaurant even has a new menu to enjoy. I also love brunch here – it’s family style! $17 per person. Grab it before heading out to the grounds on Saturday or Sunday.

The Moonshiners Southern Table + Bar

A neighbor to Boots n’ Shoots, Moonshiners is again good for a post game visit, but it’s even better for a pregame because… there’s food! The southern cooking is totally on theme with your western wear you’ll be all dolled up in for the rodeo. There’s brisket grilled cheese, tacos galore, and plenty of things including bacon. The cocktail list also screams southern hospitality, y’all.

West University/Kirby

Take the red line and exit Rice U/Hermann Park. It’s a little less than 2 miles to Rice Village, so rent a bike, walk if you’re comfortable, or take a rideshare (it’ll be much cheaper and quicker than if you rideshared from NRG!)

Goode Company’s Armadillo Palace

Armadillo Palace

Of course Coode Co. is well represented at the rodeo, but you’re missing out if you’re not at Armadillo Palace! The newly renovated spot has good food, huge bar and a lovely outdoor space for live music or just having a margarita on the patio.


lucille's brunch houston

Another amazing spot to do a brunch rodeo pregame! And another spot where we already did it. This is also another southern comfort food heaven! Get the fried green tomatoes whatever you do, or the bacon biscuits. Or both.

Under the Volcano

Ahh, yes. This is my favorite Rice U area bar. And where I TRIED to spend my 21st birthday (I know, so young, with such great taste). But they had better taste and didn’t let me in bc I was a hair shy of 21 by 2 hours. This is a v chill place that would be excellent for a chill pregame or postgame. I don’t care when you go, just as long as you get a strawberry basil margarita. <3


Take the red line to/from the green/purple lines. There’s an EaDo/Stadium exit.

Truck Yard

A new favorite pastime of mine is to ride the Truck Yard ferris wheel! It’s just $10 to do that and it comes with a drink!

Pappa Charlies BBQ

Disclaimer: Never actually been here, but I’ve had the BBQ and it is melt-in-your-mouth good. If you want BBQ but don’t want it overpriced and overcrowded at the Rodeo, consider a pregame stop at Pappa!

8th Wonder Brewery and Distillery

Did you know that Houston had a distillery? 8th Wonder just opened a new gin and vodka distillery next to its brewery in EaDo. Both are great spots to catch a drink before the rodeo since they are near the MetroRail.

Rodeo Goat

Rodeo Goat is a bit on the nose, but I feel like it needs to make an appearance! Get burgers or frozen, spiked tang! Or, you know, both!

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