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Here’s Where to Take Pictures at the Houston Rodeo

Listen, you didn’t get all dressed up in your western wear and take two trams and walk nearly a mile in your boots to let your rodeo day go undocumented! Make your memories and keep them too with these 8 spots around the rodeo grounds that make for great photo opps!

1. The big rodeo

Apologies to the rest of this list, but this one is my FAVEEEE! I love hanging out in big letters — anyone else? This one is right by the Amegy Bank entrance on the southeast corner of NRG stadium. We had to wait in a line for our photo opp and it was kinda hard to get the full thing — you had to stand pretty far back to line up the shot!

2. The art boots

Love these little boots designed by Houston artists that line the path between NRG Stadium and the Astrodome. Even if you’re not here for the posing, definitely take a gander at the art!

3. Let’s rodeo sign

This one is new this year I think and nothing super special, but I like hanging out in some hay with a nice, colorful blanket. Let’s Rodeo is also on the path between NRG Stadium and the Astrodome.

4. The big boot

Despite this one being an ole reliable, I realized I didn’t have any good big boot pictures! Enjoy this wine garden-fueled one and I challenge you to take a better one when you’re out and about. Bootie is right at the entrance near the BHP gate of the stadium.

5. Howdy

Meet Howdy! He’s probably my second favorite spot to pose. You can also catch him right at the main entrance near the BHP gate of the stadium. You’ll likely to also have to wait in line for him.

6. The petting zoo

What’s more rodeo than petting some animals! It’s free in NRG Center — there’s usually a line — and it’s $3 to bring in some snacks for the animals (who quite demand it).

7. Wine garden

Wine Garden is always a great spot to pose with your pals on the hill with your wine glasses! But new this year — you’ve got options. Kendra Scott has the cutest mirror setup and the #RodeoUncorked flower wall is pretty cool too. Not that we needed any more reason to hang out in wine garden. 😉

8. At the ferris wheel

The carnival is always a fun photo opp — all the rides and lights make it very colorful and picturesque. Whether you’re riding or just on the ground level, taking a picture with one of the carnival’s three ferris wheels is an easy way to get a great shot! My favorite one to ride is on the southeast corner (right by Arena) but the one closer to Stadium might have a better view!

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