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How to do St. Patrick’s Day in Houston Like a Pro

St. Patrick's Day

There’s more to St. Patrick’s Day than just drinking green beer. OK, so like, that IS a v fun way to celebrate the day, but the holiday originated as a feast day for the patron saint of Ireland, so the least you can do is also eat green things. St. Patty’s Day is Friday, March 17, and festivities have already commenced.

Here are some ideas for getting green and festive on this party holiday.

Irish coffees at Honeymoon Cafe

Irish Coffee

Honeymoon Cafe’s better be as good as these from San Francisco!

What’s better than coffee in the morning? Coffee with booze in the morning. I haven’t actually had Honeymoon’s, but I did have these from The Buena Vista in San Francisco  which claims to have invented the concept. TBD on how Ireland feels about this allegation.

Shiner hair wash at Birds Barbershop

Shiner: Not just good for the soul. Birds Barbershop (one of our fave haircutters!) is offering free Shiner hair washes with any service! Birds also has free Shiner to drink, so one for you, one for your hair. Why? Because it’s actually good for your hair. The proteins power your volume and the sugar shines your hair. PSA: You can do this yourself. Post shampoo, pour a can of flat, room temp beer on your hair. Soak for five then rinse!

Authentic food from at Red Lion Pub

Get some authentic grub from Red Lion — an amazing pub off Shepherd. Prices seem high ($20 for Shepherd’s Pie), but they are splitable. This is the Guinness Beef Stew served in a Yorkshire Pudding and the Shepherd’s Pie, which is so on theme, especially since the green peas are SOOO St. Paddy’s Day.

Day drinking at Saint Arnold’s


Green beer alert! Saint Arnold’s is having a shindig on Friday from 5 to 10 pm. $10 gets you a pint glass and a pint of beer. There’s also Irish food from the kitchen. As with all Saint Arnold visits, bring games, friends and snacks!

Can’t make it to the brewery? Revolve Kitchen + Bar will be offering St. Arnold Lawnmower beer all day/night; 16 oz. pours for $7 — that’s a whole lotta beer.

Treats from Three Brothers Bakery

st patricks day three brothers bakery

From Three Brother’s Bakery

Green beer isn’t the only thing that’ll be coloring your tongue. Three Brother’s has tons of on theme treats. Favorites include: gingerbread cookies dipped in white chocolate and sugar and the petit fours. Hello, sugar coma.

Go to a show

White Oak Music Hall is having a green show. The St. Patrick’s Day Throwdown concert with headliner William Clark Green (get it?). Doors at 8 pm, and the opener is Flatland Cavalry. Both are country artists. Make sure to wear green!

Hit up an Irish bar


Pros: Huge! This is an old reliable. There are multiple locations, but I like the one in EaDo! There are other bars around there if you need a change of scenery.

Cons:There’s a $10 cover, ps. Well, there’s probs a cover MOST places. Not really a good ole, authentic Irish pub. Also not great if you don’t love crowds.

Irish Cowboy (+ 3rd Floor and Pubfiction)

Pros: Three bars with one entrance fee ($20, but I feel like it’s more expensive at the door). Live music and green beer. All weekend long.

Cons: Lots of people, just like Lucky’s, but the crowd will be young, drunk and stupid — which is perfect if that is what you plan to be that day.

Irish Pub Kenneally’s

Pros: It’s the most Irish thing in Houston. Even the building is green and has an Irish flag proudly waving. There’s a huge party, called the “under the tent party,” Friday. They’ll serve lunch (stew and Guinness bread or sandwiches) and have step dancing and bagpipe playing!

Cons: Unclear on the party’s cover. It’s a pretty small bar in Montrose, so don’t even bother trying to park.

The Harp

Pros: Definitely a dive bar (well, most of these are), but I remember it being a big(ish) bar with plenty of seating. Grab an Irish Carbomb and chug.

Cons: Disclaimer — haven’t been here in awhile, so I’m going to go with the “If you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all” rule. I don’t have anything to say, really, and I’d hate to be wrong.

Baker Street Pub

Pros: There are multiple locations of this bar and restaurant! The one in Rice Village closed, but there are still Baker Streets and Sherlock’s locations scattered around town. I am obsessed with their fish and chips, btw.

Cons: Definitely a chain, and feels like it.

Other special events

  • Part & Parcel: $5 Jameson shots, $5 Guinness cans (16-oz.), and happy hour all night long, including $4 Texas beers. Live music from the Mitch Jacobs Band from 5-9 plus $6 Texas chili and cornbread special.
  • Little Woodrows Midtown: Mugs of green beer, Irish nachos and Dj sets. Find the bar with the HUGE inflatable leprechaun on top.
  • HMNS Mixers and Elixirs: Doors open at 8 p.m. for the live band, dancing, cash bars and food trucks. Featuring Live Music from Satellite. $25 for nonmembers + $5 parking.
  • Spindletop Brewery: Darty starts at noon (day party). Green beer, cornhole, etc.
  • Around the Corner: One of our fave spots! Starting at 2 pm friday, drink specials all day long, party favors, and a chance to win an Irish swag bag. ISpy a four-leaf clover.

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