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7 Steps to Visiting Bebidas in River Oaks

We’ll never get over how cute Bebidas in River Oaks is. The juice and smoothie spot is a sister to some Houston favorites, like Adair Kitchen and Eloise Nichols. Spoiler: It’s just as cute as those other places. Wait, cuter? Cuter. Grab a juice and prepare to Instagram.Bebidas-snowball

Bebidas is in River Oaks at Westheimer and Edloe and is open 7 am to 8 pm. They just opened a Snowball window to help ya beat the heat! It opens at noon every day!

Step 1: Get slightly lost trying to find it.


As I said before, I literally lived down the street from this place, and yet I ended up passing right on by. Bebidas is at Edloe and Westheimer (2606 Edloe St), and currently Westheimer is a friggin MESS of construction (wait, when is it not) in the Upper Kirby area, so I took San Felipe. As we all know (and as I forgot), Edloe doesn’t cross through at San Felipe. Oops. If you’re headed from the West, take Westheimer and it’ll be on your right. If you’re coming from the East, as I was, take San Felipe, left on Buffalo Speedway then right on Westheimer and it’ll be on your left. Just a note: once you are actually on the correct street, you can’t miss it.

Step 2: Park in what you think is a parking space.

I was pleasantly surprised that Bebidas actually had plenty of parking. Well, for the area. There were two small lots and some street parking. However, the parking lot is a little tight (good luck getting out if you pulled in only to discover there are no spots left). I parked in what I assumed was a spot, and rejoice! Was not towed.

Step 3: Be overwhelmed by the menu.

Juices, and smoothies and toasts, oh my! Fully intending to just get a juice, I was surprised with how many food options there were and had a tough time deciding! Breakfast tacos were only served until 11 am, and it was noon, so that was off the table. I settled on a ricotta and orange marmalade toast that was so delicious (but a bit pricey at $6, in my opinion.) I kind of wished I would have splurged for a rice bowl or the grilled cheese. I was just going for a snack!

Step 4: Pick your bebida!

Bebida is drink in Spanish by the way. Spanish minor for life.

Anyhoozle, another overwhelming process. They have fresh juices ($8) out on ice, made to order coffee ($3-4), Matcha ($4) and smoothies ($8), and serve yourself iced tea. I wanted one of everything. I got the Beet Down juice and was super impressed — especially since I don’t really like beets.

Step 5: Take all the photos of your drinks, food and decor.

Bebidas is totally gramable (don’t just take my word for it). Go ahead, snap away. Lord knows we did.

Pro tip: Take a pic with the “for the love of juice” light!

Step 6: Enjoy the garden/people watch, etc.

My second visit to Bebidas will include a book and some tunes. The garden (with tables and benches) faces Westheimer (but a slow part of the road, so now worries about street noise or annoyances). Sip your juice, nibble on your toast and relax!

Since we did not have books to entertain us, we totally people watched. We commented on the girl with one HUGE dog and a tiny pup, oogled the food of a couple that ordered way better than us (and contemplated eating their leftovers as they leaved — how dare you leave a barely eaten avocado toast behind?!), and guessed the ages of all the teens (tweens?) filtering in and out.

Step 7: Reluctantly leave.

Until next time, Bebidas!

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  5. Hi
    Just wondering if I could bring y’all some of my delicious food?
    I am a private chef working in River Oaks for many years. Just need a few more good clients at this time!
    Polly Boone

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