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Go Big or Go Home at the Marriott Marquis Pure Spa

We love a good spa day, and now, downtown Houston has an amazing spa (and pool!) for the ultimate treat yo’self day: the Marriott Marquis’ Pure Spa.

Bonus: It’s Not Hou readers and followers get a 20% discount on all services valid until 4/30, AND a glass of champagne on arrival. Use the code ITSME#1 when calling to make an appointment.

We got to try a smattering of their different spa treatments and basically hang out at Pure Spa all day. Let me tell you, popping in for a spa service or two and making a whole day of it would definitely be a dream girl’s day. Actually, let me just tell you what your itinerary should be:

Check in and grab the pool wristbands

As you all already know, per our awesome Marriott Marquis pool post, you can access the hotel’s pool and Texas-shaped lazy river through one of two ways: By being a hotel guest or visiting the spa. We recommend the latter, because spa. Duh.

You’ll get set up with a locker, shoes and robe — one of the most comfy robes of my life because it wasn’t sweltering hot, but just right. Change into your swimsuit and hit the pool/river!

Pool and river

I need not harp on the pool, but I just want to mention planning to budget more time here than you think. We got just about an hour at the pool and I’m here to tell you that it was NOT enough. You gotta find a lounge chair (in the sun), which takes time, plus have a photoshoot (just us?) and then check out all the water features: pool with glass wall overlooking downtown, 300+ foot long Texas-shaped lazy river, splash pad for the kiddos, and hot tub for the adults.

Post pool steam and snack

To get the chlorine out of your system, take a quick 5-minute steam then dress down to your robe — the heavenly robe, complete with pockets. We then grabbed some water and some nibbles and awaited the spa services. There’s also tea, but save that for later. It’s caffeinated.

Custom Massage

You’re the boss for this spa service. What do you want and need? Neck and shoulder tension? Lower back issues? Just a fan of the full body rub down? Same.

I’m more of a “do what you think is best” type of spa goer, in that I trust the experts (sometimes wrongfully so, ha!). But not this time! I loved my massage (I think it was my favorite part!), all my knots were worked out and I’m pretty sure my massuse just used Icy Hot instead of oil and it was kind of magical. Definitely more of a much-needed medical thing than a relaxation thing, but I appreciated it. And it’s custom! So make it worth your while.

Sensitive Skin Soother

The skin soother facial was apparently just what I needed. Again, this was less of a relaxation thing for me and more of a corrective experience. I’ve had skin issues recently and my esthetician during my facial told me my skin is sensitive (I’ve usually thought I was normal or combination). I also got some feedback on the products I use too. The Elemis products used during my service smelled AMAZING (priority no. 1 for me) and were so soothing. Even during the extraction portion (or PORE-tion, lol), I was relatively unbothered. My favorite was the papaya mask. Literally heaven.

Also, if you’re keeping count, this was the second time my hands and arms had been massaged (first being the massage, obviously).


It’s hard to impress me with a simple manicure, but one with the backdrop of downtown Houston, complete with Minute Maid Park, is pretty freaking special. The manicure lasted more than a week, which is another bonus!

Again, if you’re keeping count, this was the THIRD time my hands and arms had been massaged. Pure Spa is thorough.


How to Get Into the Marriott Marquis Texas Pool

Post Spa-Day looking fabulous

Finish the day strong with someone washing and drying your hair for you! Unfortunately, hot iron styling is an extra cost, so we skipped it. I will say, our hair was soft and shiny AF.

Unfortunately, no arm massages, but arm massages in 3/4 treatments is still pretty good for a day at a spa.

We also wrote a go-to staycation guide to downtown! Check it out to turn a treat yo’self day to a treat yo’self weekend!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the awesome overview! I’ll be staying at the Marriott Marquis in July for a work convention and definitely want to schedule some spa services while I’m there. I was trying to read up on it, and that’s how I found your blog. Love it! Do you happen to have an updated discount code? haha. Just thought I’d ask. Thanks again! 🙂

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