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Top 5 Avocado Toasts in Houston


If you’re looking to spend all your money on avocado toast instead of your future home loan, then have no fear, Houston has some of the most delightful spots to try this millennial trend. For those wanting to elevate their lunch game or maybe just want to eat more healthy, here are our favorite spots to get avocado toast in Houston–with notes on how much it’ll cost your pocket book.

Presidio, 911 W. 11th St. ($11).

This avocado toast is number one the list because it’s the largest and most filling (and arguably the most beautiful) toast in town. The thick toast is overloaded with whipped ricotta, radishes, herbs, lime curd (idk what it is, but it’s delicious) and gypsy peppers. Sign me up. Note: you can only find this gem on weekends during brunch. Mark your calendars; it’s worth a visit.

Bebidas, 2606 Edloe St. ($6).

Spouts on sprouts on sprouts on this avocado toast, which mercifully costs less than one of the $8 fresh pressed juices that this River Oaks spot is known for. Take your healthy avocado toast–which is vegan btw!–outside and chill (depending on the Houston weather) in the adorable, shaded Bebidas garden. Pro tip: grab some silverware on the way out–all those sprouts are a tad messy to handle. Again the avocado toast-enjoying hours are tight here, be sure to make it in before 6pm!

avocado toast bebidas

Kitchen at the Dunlavy, 3422 Allen Parkway ($5).

I think the first time I ever heard of this avocado toast concept was when the Kitchen at the Dunlavy opened. The most reasonably priced of the list, this avocado toast comes with whipped ricotta and lemon zest syrup. The combination is surprisingly sweet and savory at the same time. If you really wanted to, you could probably eat the toast with your hands (like real toast!!), as the toppings rest neatly on a thick, supportive piece of sourdough bread. Despite being listed on the Breakfast menu, the avocado toast is served all day (they do close at 2pm) beneath the Dunlavy’s glamorous chandeliers amongst the woodsy bayou. The dish is certainly light and healthy, but I don’t recommend running 5 miles in Buffalo Bayou and then expecting to get filled up.

State Fare, 947 Gessner Road ($8).

I hate to say this (purely on the account that is place is located “outside the loop”), but State Fare’s brunch is AMAZING. They have everything you need for an amazing experience including bloody mary in mimosa flights, and of course a note-worthy avocado toast. This beauty is pilled high with street corn in Mexican fashion with elote, crema and tajin. It’s flavorful, filling and worth the drive.

best avocado toast houston state fare

Golden Bagel, 3119 White Oak Drive ($9).

Can I justify spending $9 on a bagel sandwich? When it’s topped with a magical watermelon radish, hell yes. The combination is amazing. I often try to recreate it a home. Plus the sandwich comes with a side making it even more of a meal than it already is. Go for the fresh-made bagels, stay for the Houston Wiley art decorating the place. FYI parking is wonky in this part of the Heights, so make sure you read the signs and park appropriately. 

best avocado toast houston golden bagel


  • Pax Americana: Soft Scramble on Toast ($12)
  • Tout Suite, 2001 Commerce St. ($8). Naturally, the trendiest bakery coffee shop in town has got an avocado toast on its menu. This one is best enjoyed with a macaroon on the side (depending on how much you want to dip into you future housing funds). PS If you’re over avocado toast at this point, they also have a delightful Mushroom Toast on the menu that’s available all day.
  • Weights + Measures, 2808 Caroline St. ($16) Not sure why more people aren’t talking about Weight + Measures. Not only is the restaurant totally cute, but they totally get it. They want you to have your avocado toast and your eggs and bacon too. This hefty serving of avocado ciabatta toast is served as a full on meal and is not for the weak of heart. If you manage to get a table during their busy brunch hours, this avocado toast is definitely worth the wait.

Where’s your favorite spot to get avocado toast in Houston?

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