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A Few of Our Favorite Things: May and June

There’s nothing quite as anticlimactic as being an adult in May and June. You’re excited for something big about to happen, and you’re not even sure what — and then it doesn’t. That thing you subconsciously think is going to happen is summer break, and WHOOPS, you don’t get it any more because you are an adult now and unless you’re a selfless, wonderful human being teacher, you work right through summer.

But let’s look at the positives of summer: Pool time, weekend trips, the sun doesn’t set until 8, and, well, let me go into some specifics here in this Fave Things post!

PS. It’s a combo this month, so I got ten things for you instead of just five. Anastasia and I are both off to Croatia in a week, so we’re doubling up posts. Why Croatia, you ask? Let me tell ya in our first Favorite Thing.

The Yacht Week

Seven days on a yacht in the Adriatic Sea sounds like a vacation full of luxury only in the movies, but we’re doing it. (Eeek, still feels unreal!!) We’ll have a blog post after the trip for our travel section, but I mention this because we might be awol on the blog for about 10 days. However, we won’t be gone from social media. Oh, no no no no. We’ll be posting (probably a lot) on our channels because, I don’t know if you know this, but Croatia is gorgeous. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so you can see the sights from here in Houston!

Rocksbox free month!

Yes, all of these pix were taken at work. Yes, that is a grumpy cat cal. No, I don’t live or go anywhere else. But wearing fun jewelry makes the workday much more bearable, right? Sign up for Rocksbox using my code “NATALIEHBFF13” and get one month for free. How it works:

  1. Sign up (for free, with code “NATALIEHBFF13” if you’ve forgotten)
  2. Tell ’em what you want, what you really, really want. Make a wishlist.
  3. Boom. Curated jewelry to your door.
  4. Buy what you want (you get a $21 credit each month!), return what you don’t in a pre-paid package.
  5. Rate and add to your wishlist again! You can send back as many packages you want in one month. I can usually do 2-3 in the span of a month.

Drinks at Yauatcha


I got to go to the Yauatcha (now know how to spell it so good) grand opening a month or so ago! It was wild, as you may have seen on our instagram stories — dancing dragons, drums and a whole lot of fancy cocktails. Sadly, I only got to try a few bites of the Michelin Star restaurant with an international reputation, but I’m here to say the drinks are worth a visit alone. (Plus, if you’re anything like me, drinks might be all I can afford… it’s pricy.)

Ride Height’s Ride for a Reason

You know that feeling post workout — you feel GREAT! Now, imagine if that post-workout feeling was doubled because not only did you do something great for yourself, but for others. That’s what it feels like when you RIDE in the Heights during Meaningful May. Your booking puts $1 to a local nonprofit. Each week is different, but you only have a few days left to participate! Get to steppin peddling.

Breakfast for dinner at Field and Tides

I wound up at Field and Tides on a whim, and I sat at the bar with my bestie. We just got some beers and cocktails, and then got HUNGRY. We split an omelette bc we were feeling fat (we’ve all had those days), and it was delicious. I know, we didn’t order anything earth shattering (although we started with the pimiento cheese fritters, and life will never be the same), and honestly I have to go back for brunch, but in the meantime, I just wanted you to know that you can have breakfast for dinner at Field and Tides and it is amazing.

Positive Mugs from Papyrus


Unless you’re crazy, you start your day with coffee. Half sane people start with tea. Literally don’t wanna know you if you don’t do caffeine (jk… sorta). But whatever you’re drinking isn’t enough to get you through the day, let me tell ya. Each morning, I need, not just to caff up, but a little something positive. These mugs totally do it for me, and can for you too.

Leggings from Hooked Productions

hooked productions

How cute is East Side Vibes Yoga! Just about as cute as my leggings, right? These chackra leggings are so soft and stretchy! I want to LIVE in them. PSA: If you’re a fan of the thicker leggings, this ain’t your pair of pants.

Happy Hour at Le Colonial

Le Colonial is one of our favorites in River Oaks District, but you don’t have to plan some fancy dinner to go! Go up to the second floor bar and grab a cocktail and some appetizers. Inside is so cute and fun! Be sure to make a reservation — when I went, like ALL the tables were reserved. Womp, womp.

Making cocktails out of pineapples


On two occasions already this summer month, I have made a yummy pineapple drink for parties. It’s a lot of work (don’t try to make a dozen of these, you will go crazy. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Cut the top off the pineapple (save it!)
  • Using a shape knife, carefully cut around the edge (not too close to the outside) and then slice through the center like you’re slicing a pizza just not cutting the skin obviously (the pit will be the hardest)
  • Use a spoon to carefully scoop out the fruit (save it and save the juice!)
  • Be careful not to go too far down.
  • Cut a sliver off the top so that when you put it back on the bottom, there’s a hole for pouring in a refill + your straw.
  • Put in toothpicks in the bottom so that a fourth of the tooth pic is sticking out, pointy side up
  • (If you have time, freeze the bottom part of the pineapple — not the top, bc the leaves get pointy)
  • When you’re ready to serve, make and pour the drink in, and carefully secure the top on with the tooth picks.
  • To reuse, store in fridge or freezer but don’t count on it lasting more than a few days.

My two favorite recipes:

Strawberry power (v boozy)

  • 3 shots strawberry vodka (here’s where the power comes from)
  • 1 shots triple sec
  • Blend with ice and pineapple chunks
  • Top with whatever pineapple juice you got from gutting the pineapple and sparkling water

Tinto de verano (v chill)

  • Half Red wine (nothing too heavy)
  • Half Sprite (or lemon soda/ginger ale)
  • Again, top with whatever pineapple juice you got from gutting the pineapple + some frozen fruit
  • Add vodka to make it extra boozy!

Eloise Nichols The Chef’s Table Experience

One of my new favorite places for drinks also has a killer wine dinner deal. The Chef’s Table Experience at Eloise Nichols is so scrumptious. It’s just a small group with a preset menu (five courses, five wines!). The one I got to go to a month back had yummy oysters, quail and a blue cheese with candied pecans and honey dessert (how very European). Find out when the next dinner is by calling or emailing the restaurant!

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