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5 Flawless Breakfasts in Houston

Like Beyonce, we’re all waking up flawless, so why should we settle for anything less for our most important meal of the day?

Houston is a town with amazzzzinnnggg brunch (we all knew that), but, is it just me, or are more and more restaurants feeling like eating good 7 days a week with fancy breakfasts? Mix up your PB2 and toast (no? just me?) or Starbucks oatmeal (again, just me?) routines and treat yo’self to one of the following breakfasts as flawless as you!

Eloise Nichols’ Weekday Breakfast

Eloise Nichols is one of those places that always makes me feel like I’m in a movie, whether I’m there for happy hour, dinner and now breakfast. It’s pretty much adorable and exactly what you’d picture when thinking of a good breakfast spot in River Oaks: elegant and gourmet. I tried the waffles, avocado toast and the sandwich. All three were super solid choices. The waffles had some fresh fruit on top, which I think changes daily. The toast ended up being a little burnt, but the avocado and the egg on top were perfect. Honestly, as simple as it is, the breakfast sandwich was my favorite. Pretzel buns FTW! There was also a full coffee bar — cappuccinos, espresso, you name it.

Your next morning meeting, professional or otherwise, should 100% be here.

Snap Kitchen’s new and improved breakfast menu

Snap Kitchen

Speaking of amazing breakfast sandwiches, ALERT: Snap Kitchen has a cauliflower turkey and egg white sandwich that. Is. Everything. It’s paleo, dairy free, gluten free, Whole30 friendly (99% sure) and just so delicious. Honestly, if I could eat this every day, I could survive the Whole30!

But I wouldn’t have to, because Snap’s other new breakfast items are equally delicious and equally as diet friendly. The superfood sunrise salad is super weird in theory (salad for breakfast?), but pretty good in actuality. The new items, plus Snap’s existing roster of yum foods, means there’s something for everyone. Check it out.

3 Brother’s caffeine quick stop

For a breakfast on the go, or if you’re bringing breakfast in for everyone in the office, Three Brother’s Bakery might be your go-to. There’s tons of pastries plus seasonal coffee drinks made with in-house roasted coffee. For summer and for only a few more weeks, there are some frappes that are not on your Snap Kitchen diet plan, but yolo. The Thunderdome Frappe is equal parts sweet and caffeinated and will get you through a long day.

I had the bagel and lox plate, which is gorgeous and gives you a TON of options. Side note: Three Brothers, founded in Houston in 1949, was the first bakery in Houston to have bagels — how crazy is that?!

The bakery is completely kosher, but the Washington Ave. location cheats a little and has bomb kolaches (get the jalepeno, cheese and sausage one!).

If you’re bringing some in to share with the group, a box of pastries goes a long way with getting in the boss’s good graces. The almond and cherry one’s are the absolute best.

Bebidas’ liquid breakfast

There’s not much more I can say about how ah-freaking-dorable Bebidas is than I already have here, but Bebidas brings something different to the table: A yummy liquid breakfast. Whether you’re grabbing a juice or a smoothie, a lot of people prefer to sip their meal.

My favorite juice was the Pantera Rosa, it still has beets (not my favorite) but is very refreshing and easy to drink. Get the Mahalapeno if you’re feeling brave.

For smoothies, all are jam packed with protein that will be sure to fill you up. I like the La Playa (it has mint, lime, pineapple and mango in it! Tropical af!) and the Nino, but I don’t do bananas, so I’d probably substitute something else.

Coffee, tea and other Bebidas available, along with breakfast tacos, toasts and sandwiches.

Snooze’s 7-day a week brunch

We originally went to Snooze for brunch (and had a hell of a time getting a table), but what’s so great about Snooze is that it doesn’t need to be Saturday or Sunday to brunch anymore now that we have Snooze.

They open early, so you can go just for breakfast, but they also have a full bar, so you have a random Tuesday brunch if you want. What a world we live in.

Read more about our visit to Snooze and how to get a table — which you probably will have no problem doing for your random Tuesday brunch, but just in case.

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  1. Loved reading your blog today! I love breakfast anytime of the day. It’s fun trying new places in Houston. I like Lola’s. FYI, I’ve mentioned your blog on Houston Blog Network (


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