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Houston, It’s Snowing!

This morning, the city of Houston woke up to a winter wonderland. In a very rare, freak weather occurrence, a legitimate blanket of snow covered much of the city. Here are some pictures from my early morning adventures around Buffalo Bayou looking at the Houston snow! How amazing is this??

It’s not everyday you see snow on a palm tree. I literally leaped out of bed and ran outside to take pictures. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to charge my phone overnight, so my battery died after a few pictures! Shout out to the randos I met on Buffalo Bayou who let me borrow their phones and text myself the pictures. You’re the real MVPs!!

pictures of houston snow buffalo bayou 2017

5 thoughts on “Houston, It’s Snowing!

  1. Ha – I saw some Facebook posts about this last night. I have a friend who recently moved to Houston area for work, and he was posting pictures of snow. So funny because we are from the Midwest where this time of year we have usually had at least a little snow but not so far this year. The pictures are really good. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your snow 🙂

  2. Just a little more than a month later and more snow! Houston, the seemingly eternally sunny city never ceases to amaze.

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