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What to Know Before You Go to Houston’s Lago Mar

Yes, believe it or not. This was taken in Houston.

For actual years, I’ve heard about the famed Crystal Lagoon that was planned to a Houston suburban master-planned community. It’s a huge lagoon — for kayaking, SUP-boarding, even jet skis! — meets a neighborhood pool.

Currently, the area is building a whole lotta houses in Texas City. But this summer, non-residents can pay for a day pass as a part of their Summer Lagoonfest. Get your tickets now until September 13.

Interested in checking it out? Here’s what you need to know.

  • It’s…. not finished. Not sure what all is left to do, but other than the monster-sizes pool, it definitely has some temporary vibes. Expect tents (no buildings) and those flushable, A/C port-o-potties.
  • It’s a beach with actual sand! Vacay vibes all the way.
  • It’s taking COVID-19 prevention v seriously. Temperature checks, mandatory masks, hand sanitizer stands, etc. PLEASE don’t go if you’ve been exposed — and please take the rules seriously. Don’t ruin a fun thing!
  • Parking is free with a ticket — and it should be since tickets are quite pricey on their own. Weekday tickets (Thurs-Fri) are $23.74 and weekends are $28.90 for adults. Children are slightly cheaper.
  • You have to book amenities and activities ahead too, but good luck with that. They are sold out a lot of the days. We booked lounge chairs, which was awesome to have but ended up being unnecessary. It was nice to have the umbrella, but a lot of people brought their own chairs (it’s allowed!) so bring a towel and plop down or your own chair!
  • Apparently chairs are basically the only thing you can bring in. No coolers or outside food is allowed, according to the FAQ section. However, I could have easily snuck in some snacks and I definitely saw people with their own tumblers of… something. I brought in a water bottle which they allowed.
  • There are food trucks, but I highly recommend coming well fed. The lines for the trucks never got short enough to even consider standing in the sun for.
  • Now, this brings me to my biggest concern… there was no alcohol sold on site. I have no clue if this is a permanent thing.. but… holy smokes. I just wanted a White Claw while basking in the sun.

That’s my two cents — if you have any other questions, check Lago Mar’s FAQ section.

2 thoughts on “What to Know Before You Go to Houston’s Lago Mar

  1. Lol, I’m glad you checked it out for us. I kind of don’t want to go now that I know all the details!

  2. I live in lago mar. This isn’t Houston. This is Texas City, which is Galveston county. There is alcohol on site. If anyone wants to check this out, go to the visitors office and ask for a day pass. There is SO much more than this article says. Summer 2021 has a lot to offer at this lagoon.

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