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Everything You Need to Know about a Visit the Balloon Room at the Revaire

balloon room big ass balloons revaire

This week expect to see a million and one of your favorite influencers, Instagram friends, and Houston icons exploding their feed with rainbow balloons of a million sizes, shapes and designs. Big Ass Balloons, woman-owned, bad-ass entrepreneurs are opening up a whimsical and mind-blowing exhibit to the public. If you want to flock around in a balloon wonderland, listen up. Here are the details and everything you need to know about this ONE WEEKEND ONLY event.

  • Where: The Revaire, 7122 Old Katy Rd, Houston, TX 77024
  • When: August 24 (Private Sessions) and August 25 – 26 (Public); 3 hour time slots
  • Tickets: $25 (Private) – $15 (Public)
  • Event Page: Click Here

After frolicking around in the Montrose Studios balloon rooms, I can only imagine that this one will be, well, an extra af big ass installation. We’re headed there on Thursday for an influencer preview–so stay tuned. But right now you can expect  thousands of balloons of every size, shape color with various themes such as happiness, sadness, rainbows, disco, storms, etc.

Balloon room houston revaire

What to Bring

Check out the FAQ on the website— it’s pretty thorough but definitely be sure to bring:

  • Camera, fully charged
  • Fun outfits
  • Friends
  • Props
  • Your ticket (which you should buy online ASAP)

Balloon room houston revaire

Balloon Room Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Arrive on time — you have 3 hours with your ticket, don’t let that go to waste!
  • Be respectful and don’t hog an installation — I anticipate lots of lines of people waiting to take pictures, so plan ahead and come prepared and be efficient.
  • Give credit to the masterminds who brought this exhibit to life! Be sure to tag @therevaire and @bigassballoons in any pictures posted on social media.
  • Get creative! For more photoshoot inspo, see our tips on how to have a photoshoot at the #SugarandClothColorWall

Questions? Turn on Notifications for Instagram and ask us! We’ll try to answer when we go!

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