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Heads Down, Gloves Up with Boxing Classes at Vortex Texas

vortex boxing houston rumble

A new gym in the Montrose is taking Houston by storm with high energy, challenging cardio classes that are perfect for letting off steam. Choose between spin and boxing classes in the spacious new studio and refuel after your sweat sesh at the small café.

The Vortex Studio

Vortex is currently in a soft opening phase, having opened its doors to Houston in July. Right now, they’re ramping up their instructors, figuring out the kinks, and streamlining all their experiences before their grand opening later this year. Classes are currently open to the public. The gym has all of the standard boutique studio amenities such as charging units in the lockers, marble counter tops in the bathrooms, hair dryers, and cooling post-class towels.

Want to try a class? Create an account on their website and get 1-free class!

Last week, I hit up a “Rumble” class at the Vortex studio on West Gray and had a blast. I rolled in a few minutes early for the 5:45pm class and got a set of wraps and gloves. Having never boxed before, both of these things were foreign and interesting. A staff member sized me for wraps, which are basically like padded-fingerless gloves that you wrap around your palms and wrist to protect your hands. We did a few warm-up exercises in the wraps before putting on the boxing gloves for the bulk of the class. (Note: I boxed in a Small, but then ultimately traded them in for a Medium since my fingers were squeezed to tight).

vortex boxing houston rumble

Rumble Boxing Class

Red and white blinking lights illuminate the boxing “rings.” Two metal circles are suspended from the ceiling with 23 hanging bags. Boxing ring ropes adorn the concrete walls with a massive “V” centered on the floor. Like a spin class where you choose your bike, when you sign up to Rumble at Vortex you select which bag you want. Bags closer to the middle are more fun!!

An “Athlete” (aka Instructor) led us through the form for few key boxing movements (jabs, spars, hooks) and created a routine that incorporated a few of the moves. After a warm-up of planks, squats, and jumping jacks, the class consisted of a series of 1-2 minutes sets.  After each set we’d break with some burpies, squats, sit-ups and then add onto the boxing routine.

vortex boxing houston rumble

At all times during the class, we were encouraged to stay on our toes, soft knees, bouncing with gloves up and head down–very active recovery, high cardio at all times. The whole class I was sweating. My shoulders got tired, but I definitely felt I was getting stronger. The Rumble boxing class was a full-body work out that engaged the legs, core and arms.

I felt a bit derpy with the moves as I awkwardly punched away at the bag (which was as heavy as a trillion bricks). I’m not strong enough to punch the bag and get it to swing consistently, however, after some practice I know I’ll get more comfortable with technique, be able to leverage the momentum of my whole body and create some impact.

vortex boxing houston rumble

Overall, the class was a lot of fun. It was challenging, entertaining, a cool environment, and excellent cross-training for my upcoming marathon schedule.  I’m actually headed back this week to cash in my free class (get yours when you create an account on the Vortex website).

After class, I sampled a coconut milk smoothie at their “refueling” station. And noticed the plentiful amount of champagne in the fridge–apparently they do mimosas on Sundays after classes. #priorities

Why you should go to Vortex ASAP:

  • Free Wraps. They’re handing out free wraps before each Rumble boxing class– not sure how long this will last, but if you’re interested and want to try, now is a good time to get a complimentary set!
  • Founders Special. If you fall in love and sign up now, you can get special “Founders” deals that lock-in pricing forever and always.
  • The price is right. You can get a free class when you create an account on their website!

vortex boxing houston rumble

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