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Big Ass Balloon Room is BACK–One Weekend Only!

The Balloon Room by Big Ass Balloons is back for 2019! Here’s everything you need to know about this special limited time event that is in Houston for only August 23- 25, 2019.

big ass balloon room

What is the Balloon Room?

Created by the masterminds behind the girl-boss Houston-based company Big Ass Balloons, the Balloon Room is at the Revaire event space for THIS WEEKEND ONLY. This whimsical exhibit has 15+photo installations constructed of entirely balloons. Expect to see all the bloggers of Houston blowing up your Instagram with pictures from this year’s event. 

Below are pictures from some of my favorite setups from the 2019 Balloon Room. Check out pictures from last year’s Big Ass Balloon Room exhibit for some extra inspo.

This time I rolled through the exhibit in record time (just under 20 minutes!) and I even managed to get in an outfit change before work. I loved the rainbow installations the best. The unicorn food truck outside was super cute. If you are looking to get cute christmas card pictures, the Balloon Room has a wonderful snowflake winter wonderland exhibit, as well as a autumn themed one! Comment and let me know what you think of this year’s Big Ass Balloon Room!

big ass balloons room 2019

How do I get tickets?

Get your tickets for Saturday or Sunday before they run out! FYI – Last year the Balloon Room sold out of tickets. So DON’T delay in buying yours!

Didn’t get a ticket? Check out the giveaway on Instagram! Enter by Saturday August 24 at 12pm to win a pair of tickets for Sunday!

big ass balloon room

Quick Facts:

  • Where: The Revaire, 7122 Old Katy Rd, Houston, TX 77024
  • When: August 23 (Private Sessions) and August 24 – 25 (Public); 3 hour time slots
  • Tickets: $20 (Public) – $60 (Private)
  • Event PageClick Here
  • Questions? Send me a DM
the revaire balloon room

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