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Your Houston Poké Guide

Allow me to be your poké spirit guide! I’ve made a personal goal of trying all of Houston’s poke places to create a guide and gave them all superlatives. Need a cute poke spot? Got you. What’s the best taste? Lemme tell ya. Currently, there are 6 major poké place, so check ’em all out.

Some basics:

  • Poké is basically like a deconstructed sushi bowl. You got rice, raw fish, sauce and lots of mixins. It’s definitely more filling than sushi and you get to be super creative with making the bowl.
  • All the prices and sizes are around the same. You’re not going to find a bowl for less than $10. However, some of my fave mixins are an up-charge some places. Seaweed salad and crab usually will cost you, but some places give you one scoop included.
  • You don’t have to make all the decisions! Most places have signature bowls, so you can start with that and add in stuff too.

Now you know the deets — now here are the eats!

Best flavor: Pokeworks


I gotta start with the one that started it all. My poke day one. Still my all-time favorite! Pokeworks, for a very long while, was my only experience with poke. It was down the street from my apt and way too close to my gym. I would grab a bowl post workout — still my favorite thing to do!

It’s assembly line style — pick your base, meat and toppings, plus your sauce and how much of it you want, which is definitely something special to Pokeworks. “Light, medium or heavy” they will ask. Always say medium or heavy, especially if you get the Pokeworks sauce, which is the best sauce ever in the history of time.

Location: 3 in Houston! Heights (OG), Katy, Galleria-area, and Montrose

Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Prices: $11.50 for a medium (two scoops), $14 for a large (three scoops)

Know before you go: Depends on the location, but my location always has a line and a parking prob.

Best atmosphere: Seaside Poke

Seaside Poke

I’d been eyeing this gem in EaDo on ever visit to Rodeo Goat or Truck Yard. It was JUST as good as I’d wanted it to be! So many fun options here — the custom bowls are all incredible. I have to go back and try every one now. Plus, the whole place SCREAMS Houston, especially the wall of fish that are made of photos from around Houston. The team that leads Seaside are Houston natives and went to UH. Such a fan of the food and aesthetic. Don’t take it to-go! Stay and even enjoy some drinks or dessert.

Location: EaDo

Hours:  11 am to 9 pm (noon opening on Sundays)

Prices: $10 regular and $13 large.

Know before you go: There is a parking lot across the street. It’s also a valet spot, but just tell the valet you wanna self park and are going to Seaside and they’ll let you pass!

Quickest service: Local Poke

Local Poke

I loved Local for being… well, local! They have Houston-focused bowls (Heights or Washington!) and so I highly recommend giving one of those a try. Also, two words: Poke. Nachos.

I think I got a specialty bowl, but also added in some things. It’s assembly line style too. It was definitely a great bowl, but not the nicest of restos, so take to go.

Location: Washington Ave/Rice Military

Hours: 11:30 am to 9 pm

Prices: $10 for 3 scoops, $12 for 4 scoops (they get you on the up charges!)

Know before you go: You park in the back and gotta walk around.

Biggest portions: Ono Poke

Ono Poke

Somehow, I walked out of Ono Poke for $15 but a masterpiece. I got a large and added in crab and seaweed for additional charges, so that’s probably why it was so pricy. I got a good mix of meats — they definitely have the best fish options. Plus there are a lot of topping and sauce choices too.

Location: Montrose

Hours: 11 am to 9 pm

Prices: $10.50 for medium (3 scoops) and $12 for large (4 scoops)

Know before you go: You order at the counter, rather than go down the assembly line.

Best customer service: Poke in the Bowl

Poke in the Bowl

My last new poke spot on my poke adventures! Gotta say, wasn’t exactly saving the best for last, but it was a solid bowl. My biggest problem was the rice and sauce ratio, which I feel like I could fix on future visits.

Location: Montrose

Hours: 11 am to 9 pm

Prices: $10 for a small, $12 for a large

Know before you go: I didn’t see any specialty bowls, so it’s all DIY!

Latest open: Moku Bar in Conservatory

The earliest Moku closes is 10 pm on Sundays, most other days it closes at midnight or 3 am. THA-REE AM!!! Poke all the time. And, to be clear, I’ve had Moku at 2 am TWICE and never regretted it.

Location: Downtown

Hours: 11 am to midnight (Mon-Thurs); 11 am to 3 am (Fri and Sat); 11 am to 10 pm (Sun)

Prices: Don’t remember — I owe Moku a non nighttime visit.

Know before you go: Love that this is in the Conservatory! Your non-poke friends dont have to get it and y’all can all enjoy a beer too!

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