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Semi-Private Pilates at Control Studios

Control StudiosYou know you had a really good pilates class when you leave feeling sore in muscles you didn’t even know existed. That’s me after almost every class at Control Studios.

I’ve been taking classes with Courtney and Kale of Control Studios since before they even opened! Lifelong exercise enthusiasts and experienced pilates instructors, the duo decided to team up to do something different. They wanted a studio that offered semi-private classical pilates classes, along with privates, under one roof.

Classes max out at 4 people, so you really get a hands on experience. Each instructor is watching your every movement and there to give you feedback or correct your form.

The studio

I am obsessed with the aesthetic of Control’s studio! Plants, olive and light pink accents, “Control Yourself” wall, etc. It’s so homey and relaxing from just walking in.

The equipment is high quality and rare here in Houston. It was custom made for Control, so you won’t see anything like it in any other studios. There are restrooms and a water fountain here, but FYI, there’s no shower. You won’t get too sweaty in class, unless you’re me, but just as an FYI.

Note: There are approximately 6 parking spots in this studio. I’ve gotten there before where a class is over and the people haven’t quite filtered out yet, and it looks like there’s no parking to be had. I just waited a few minutes and then boom. Four spots opened up. Just hang tight if that happens to you, but it probably won’t. There’s never more than 6 people in that studio!

The classes

There are a few different classes they offer, and of course, they also offer privates and duets, if their schedule allows.

Core Control (Mat): This class seemed most in my comfort zone, but just because you don’t have the resistance of the springs on a reformer doesn’t mean it’s not challenging. The Control team gets preeetty creative with how to torture — I mean train — you. Core’s in the name, but expect to leave with abs of steel. I didn’t find it to be THAT much more core focused than regular classes, since Pilates always focuses heavily on core strength.

Control Full Studio (and Advanced): Full studio is the normal class here, basically. Proceed with caution into the advanced version. I like this class best. You play on the jungle gym that is the reformer and tower. Most start with some leg work and followed by the 100 — 100 breaths through a crunching motion. It sounds long, but I promise it’s doable. Less doable then the torture that is the series of five, where you do five, ab-engaging exercise at rapid speed. Ouchie. You’ll also use your pilates chair for this class! I love that thing. You’d think it’s just a stoll or something, but it’ll actually kick your but.

Vinyasa (Lighthearted or Candlelight): I love that they offer yoga here in less of a “yoga to get fit” way and more of a stretching outlet for all the work you do on your bod the rest of the time you’re in class.

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