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5 Reasons to Treat Yo’self with Flower Deliveries from Picked Flower Co.

picked flower co.

We’re living in a time of “treat yo’self” — and what a time to be alive! Picked Flower Co. has brought us a new way to give ourselves some self love with regular flower deliveries.

The Houston-based flower truck just opened its brick-and-mortar location in the Heights. The subscription plan is available online. I’ve had the plan every other week for a couple months now, and it’s the highlight of my week now! Here are 5 reasons you should consider subscribing.

1. It’s completely customizable.

Picked lets you pick how frequently you want them — weekly, biweekly, or monthly — and the size you want — small for $35, medium for $55, or large for $75.

2. The bouquets are designed by professionals.

The shop is super cool to visit bc you can build your own bouquet, but with the subscription, you get professionally designed bouquets and don’t have to make the decisions.

3. They last way longer than you think.

I get the flowers every other week, and it seems like if I change the water enough and pick out any of the wilting flowers, I still have at least some of the bouquet left by week two. Picked makes sure this happens by giving an assortment of bloomed and yet-to-bloom flowers. Keep them near sunlight — it helps with the yet-to-bloom ones.

4. You always get in-season, locally sourced flowers.

Chloe and Regan — the girls behind picked — work with a local flower wholesale company to pick the best flowers for their shop. They’ll go get fresh, in-season flowers and design the bouquets ahead of delivery!

5. It comes straight to your door.

Thursdays will be your favorite day because it means walking up to your home with a bright bouquet on your doorstep. (Don’t worry, they water pack the stems so they survive the heat!)

Bonus: You get half off your first delivery with “NOTHOU50”.

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