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Inside the Lemon Laine’s Oil Bar in Houston

lemon laine houston oil bar

Have you been to Lemon Laine? This Houston natural and wellness shop in the Heights offers a unique beauty experience at its Oil Bar to refresh your skincare routine.

Lemon Laine in Houston

Lemon Laine is located in Heights Mercantile and is a boutique skincare and beauty company that focuses on natural and wellness products. Everything is hand selected and sourced by owner, Laura Lemon (what an amazing last name right??) where she chooses only good-for-you products. There are only two locations of Lemon Laine–the HQ in Nashville and now this location in Houston! Shopping at Lemon Laine is like Sephora (many similar products) but a zillion times more local, which lawd knows I’m all about supporting small businesses.

Walking into the store through the round coral door, you’re greeted by a retro kitchen (yes, help yourself to a glass of wine), an array of beauty products arranged neatly in pastel displays, and plush pink chairs at the Oil Bar. I’m often overwhelmed with shopping at the mall–parking, crowds, lines, etc.–so the calmness and simplicity of Lemon Laine is refreshing in more than one way.



The Oil Bar

The Oil Bar, which has been featured on Goop, Brit + Co, (now now being featured here!!) is a fun experience to do in the Heights. Rally up your girlfriends, and make an appointment today!

I had made an appointment at the Oil Bar, but they welcome walk-ins as well in Houston. A beautician that was trained by Laura Lemon is always on staff to answer your questions and create custom oil concoctions tailored to your skin’s needs. I settled in and spent some time discussing with the beautician my current skin needs and goals (ugh, acne) and beauty routine (low maintenance af).

She took notes about my goals, preferences, allergies on a sheet (no pictures allowed on that one!) and then pulled from a drawer of 40 ingredients and base blends to select items for my personalized oil. Lemon Laine can make 12 million possible combinations across the various carrier and essential oils they have on stock.

My Lemon Laine Oil

Jojoba oil most closely resembles skin’s pH, so Lemon Laine uses it as a base for all oils. My custom-made oil was tailored to soothe sensitive skin and relive redness, so the base was a chamomille and calendula infused jojoba oil.

The beautician then added in additional essential oils of grapeseed (for Vitamin E and to clear pores), sunflower (calms redness, added antioxidants), rosehip (pure vitamin A, natural retinol), helichrysm (fights inflammation and redness), blue tansy (fights hormonal acne) and neroil (vitamine C to tone and nourish the texture). Dang just writing all that down makes me want to go put some more on because that’s a powerful pack of goodness! To complete the process, I was given a sticker sheet to customize my bottle.

lemon laine houston oil bar



To apply you’re to put 2 – 4 drops directly onto a clean face, neck, and decollete and gently massage into the skin. The blue tansy gave mine a particularly unique blue-ish color and it has a very distinctive smell that I’ve come to associate with wellness. I feel bougie af when I apply it to my face before bed each night.

Oil bar costs $65 for the 1.0oz facial oil, a beauty and wellness consultation, and complimentary beverages (hello, wine!). Afterwards, if you find the oil doesn’t suit your skin or you need an adjustment, the team is always there to answer questions via email or in the shop. Plus you also get 20% off refills!

The Oil Bar is such a cute idea and I gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day. I think it would be a great gift or experience for any woman in your life! If you want to go with a group, call ahead and make a reservation so they can prepare accordingly. Tell them It’s Not Hou It’s Me sent you 🙂

lemon laine houston oil bar

Events & More

In addition to the Oil Bar, Lemon Laine also offers weekly events such as farmer’s market tours, cooking classes, and special topic discussions ranging from everything from CBD 101 to mental health awareness. Check out their Houston event guide for more information.

What do you think about the Lemon Laine Oil Bar? Leave a comment below with your questions or thoughts and I’ll be happy to respond!

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