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10+ Things to Do During Space City Month

Happy Space City Month!! Did you know that was even a thing? Thankfully, you have us! July 20th the 50th anniversary of making it to the moon, and so this whole month is extra special. Here’s what you can do to get pumped about during Space City Month!

1. Spacey Casey making all the appearances

Spacey Casey is the official campaign coordinator for Visit Houston, and has been hired specifically to promote the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. He’s a cadet who just wants to get to space!! You may have seen him around: rodeo, art car parade, local coffee spots, at an Astros game. Keep up with him and help him get to space here and on Instagram!!

2. The Museum of the Moon

HMNS The Moon

This one is also ongoing. The 23-foot-wide moon is allllmost like being in space, except you’re just down the street at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Don’t miss this Insta and educational opportunity! More here.

PS. When you go, just go ahead and get the regular passes into the museum. “Destination: Moon” is the VR experience that you can skip. Instead, add on a visit to InFocus — a photo adventure exhibit!

3. Get the limited edition Space Patch

The limited edition patch commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the MOON LANDING and Apollo 11 flight! @SpaceCenterHou and @Visit_Houston ran a contest to create a design in the style of a traditional NASA Mission (aka what the ASTRONAUTS wore), and the winning patch can be purchased by clicking here. Perfect for anyone who loves Houston, NASA, or history.

4. Anniversary events and the historic Mission Control tour at Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston has just opened the restored Apollo 11 mission control center tour. It’s so incredible. You sit in the seats presidents, family members, etc. sat in to watch the launch and landing. Then, a 14-minute presentation plays with actual recordings from the mission. I got chills. PSA. you have to walk up 7 flights/87 stairs to get there. Worth it.

Also, Space Center Houston is going all out with an all-day event and concert featuring WALK THE MOON and Phillip Phillips on July 20. Click here for more info.

Plus a rare SpaceX exhibit features the Falcon 9 booster that ACTUALLY was used to blast off… TWICE. The second time was by NASA — representing the first time the government entity reused a part that first was used in commercial space travel. The exhibit allows you to walk around and even UNDER the booster. While the exhibit was only just announced, it’s coming to Space Center Houston this August. Click here to learn more.

5. Special flicks at Rooftop Cinema Club

Rooftop Cinema Club

Rooftop Cinema Club is ready for takeoff for its July movie schedule, which highlights special space-themed screenings on Thursdays beginning with “Gravity” on July 11, “Apollo 11” July 18, and “Hidden Figures” on July 25. Each film represents an aspect of space exploration: the preparation, the journey, and the mission. Get tickets here.

6. The Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s special exhibits + party

In advance of Space City Month, MFAH has two exhibits from its permanent collection. Shooting the Moon, on view through September 2, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with the presentation of 40 photographs ranging from documentary images of NASA’s mission to the moon to fanciful pictures with a lunar theme. 

The Visitors, on view through September 22, presents an immersive, nine-screen video installation by renowned Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson. Each frame of the video features a different musician, all of whom play together, but in separate rooms.

On July 20 from 5 to 10 pm, the museum is hosting a campus-wide festival in honor of the anniversary. Check out all the details here.

7. VisitHouston’s Space City Sweepstakes

Enter to win a bunch of various prizes thanks to the 50th anniversary of getting to the moon! There are five different drawings — so enter to win ASAP! Click here to enter to win!

8. Beers at a space-themed brewery that opened just in time

Astral Brewing opened just in time for the celebratory anniversary. The brewery pays homage to Space City, with an astronaut logo and a few amazing murals. Also a tribute to Brewston, pretty great beers.

9. Discovery Green and The Grove’s park party

Never one to be out done, Discovery Green will be a happening place for lunar festivities on July 20. Plus, The Grove is having its Tree House Happy Hour from 4 to 7 pm so that you can enjoy the festivities with drink and food in hand.

10. Lunar Landing Party at River Oaks District

Party like it’s 1969 at Le Colonial and the River Oaks District on July 18. The whole weekend will also have events throughout ROD.

Through a combined art and science in a creative collaboration with the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, ROD will launch SKYWAVES. This art installation is constructed of thousands of hand-cut strips of mylar and is set to debut on the anniversary. These flags pay homage to the first flag that Armstrong and Aldrin placed on the moon during Apollo 11’s mission. Houstonians will be able to enjoy the debut and experience a number of activities throughout the evening including astronaut ice cream and educational exhibitions. iPic theaters will be showcasing the cult classic “Space Balls” for those wanting to partake in an indoor event.

11. Enjoy an Astronaut Cocktail and a $19.69 TV Dinner or a Full Moon Party

One small sip for man, one giant gulp for mankind. I’m so obsessed with the Space City Sour cocktail featuring an edible image of an astronaut on the moon at Four Seasons Hotel Houston. The hotel is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with a range of fun experiences along with the cocktail.

Catch the Full Moon Party on Tuesday, July 16th, from 7pm-10pm, on the pool deck and space-themed food and drink specials available all month long, as well as a modern twist on a 1969 TV Dinner available for $19.69 and Quattro’s chocolate moon dessert with 50 year port pairings. 

See ya’ll there!

Check out our segment on CW here!

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