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Get a Picture-Perfect Spread with Luxury Delivery Service “Picnics in the City”

Houston luxury picnic company buffalo bayou

Are y’all ready to have the most Instagramable picnic in Houston? If so, head on over to Picnics in the City for the cutest, most luxurious picnic set up! From the instant I saw them on Instagram, I fell in love. If you haven’t seen their page, definitely check it out! Mention It’s Not Hou It’s Me when you place an order and get 10% off!

Everything You Need to Know about Houston’s Picnic in the City

What is Picnics in the City?

Inspired by the luxury picnic delivery service in Paris, two students decided to bring the pop-up picnic service to Houston. Founded by Brenda and Martha who are majoring in hospitality and marketing at University of Houston, Picnics in the City is a company that delivers a luxury picnics and glamping set ups to your home, parks, or designated location in Houston.

picnics in the city houston luxury picnics

How do I order a Picnic in the City?

Their website is coming soon, but right now they’re taking all their orders through Instagram @picnicsinthecity. Send them a DM–they’re pretty good at responding–and they’ll coordinate everything from there. They can also coordinate in Spanish.

They offer a few different themed picnics–Paris, Japan, Brunch, Tea Party, etc. Their offerings are constantly changing, so the best way to stay up-to-date with what they’re offering is to follow them on Instagram and check out the latest items on their Featured Stories.

picnics in the city houston luxury picnics

What do I get with a Picnic in the City?

Each picnic comes with a blanket, a table, decorations, and food and drinks for each person. Depending on what set you get, the decorations can vary from teepees and tents tents to balloons, throw pillows and frames. All are super tastefully curated based on what you’re looking for and set up ahead of your arrival time.

The food is based on the menu you select, but can be modified to accommodate different preferences like wine allergies and veganism (no, that’s just me?). For example, currently on their Instagram they are featuring a Vegan menu with green juice and falafel sandwiches. They’ve also done glittery unicorn themed picnics, pizza picnics, graduation parties, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day brunch. They’re a super creative party planning company, so feel free to ask for their ideas!

The picnics can be set up in a park in Houston, your backyard, or even inside your home. They’ve even done picnic inside a hotel room! If it rains, they can always switch to an indoor location. Common park locations are Buffalo Bayou, Memorial Park, and Herman Park, but they can travel to anywhere.

Houston luxury picnic company buffalo bayou

How much does a picnic cost?

The cost is determined based on the type of picnic you order and the number of people. You can get a picnic with or without food / alcohol which would change the price. If you mention It’s Not Hou It’s Me, you can get 10% off your picnic cost!

The cost may seem a bit pricey, but at the end of the day it’s a really remarkable luxury experience. I think it’s a fantastic idea for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and date nights!

picnics in the city houston luxury picnics

What else do I need to know about Picnics in the City?

The Picnics in the City team needs at least 48 hours to schedule and plan a picnic, so plan accordingly! If you have a larger group, obviously plan ahead. The picnics are set up between 9am and 6pm and last for 2 hours. If you’re in a park or public place, the team will set everything up before you arrive at the location and then come at the end of the 2 hours to break everything down and clean up. All you have to do is show up!

My Picnic in Buffalo Bayou

When choosing my picnic, I went for the Paris theme because, duh, I was about to move to Paris! I wanted the downtown skyline at sunset so I booked a picnic for Friday afternoon at 6pm to 8pm. They set up the picnic at the Houston Police Officer’s Memorial on the lawn which had marvelous skyline views. When we arrived everything was ready and we were ready to relax!

The picnic came with a bottle of wine, water, a meat and cheese charcuterie board, pastries, and bread.  A few other picnickers were set up there as well, but our set up was by far the most extra. We had a nice big blanket, a wooden table, a set of candles, flowers, wooden plates, a picnic basket, and fluffy throw pillows.

picnics in the city houston luxury picnics

The servings were hefty and after enjoying the savory bits, we only nibbled at a portion of the many pastries. I’m glad we had a late evening picnic because the Houston sun can be HOT. If you book an outdoor picnic this summer, grab a picnic slot for the morning or late afternoon to avoid the Houston heat. Otherwise do it indoors or in a super shady backyard (with a pool to cool off!!). We didn’t need it, but definitely bring sunscreen and bug spray as needed.

picnics in the city houston luxury picnics

Overall, we loved hanging out in the park, taking pictures, sipping on wine, and relaxing on the picnic blanket. The Picnics in the City set up was truly magical and a wonderful date night idea!

For other picnicking tips and locations in Houston check out our blog on How to Plan a Picture Perfect Picnic.

What questions do you have about Picnics in the City? Comment below and I’ll answer!

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