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#FOMOFactory is Open in Houston!

When I first heard about The FOMO Factory, I was super jealous of Austin. But now, the interactive art popup is calling Houston home with its new Galleria location. Here’s what you need to know before you go!

PS. There’s been a lot of these types of immersive art exhibits popping up around town. Keep track of them all here!

  • There are 17 spaces — 9 new to Houston!
  • You get to unleash your inner child, from a goofy “Hello my name is” sticker to the TBT classrooms — who can still fit in a locker? Not me.
  • Tickets are $28 for adults for 90-minute sessions.
  • $23 per kid — under 3 is free.
  • There are adult-only time slots for Wednesday and Thursday from 7 to 9 pm.
  • You gotta show up on time! You might lose your spot if not.
  • It’s literally IN the Galleria — it’s above the Apple Store.
  • Closest parking lot is the Yellow Garage.
  • There’s a two-stall restroom for changing. You know you want to bring multiple outfits… 😉
  • The lighting is GREAT. While there’s no natural light, I had zero lighting issues at all. FOMO knows their stuff!
  • While there’s no end date announced, there are ticket sales THROUGH December! So, it’s here for quite a while!

OK, enough words. I know what you came for… Here are all my photos from the different rooms!

Full disclosure, some of these photos are from the Austin location! But FOMO moved them to Houston. Bing, bang, boom!

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