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5 Houston Beers to Drink During the Astros Playoffs

We did it! Regular season is over for the Houston Astros — though, there are a few words I would use to describe that season, but “regular” isn’t one of them. Anyways, we’ve made it to the 2020 playoffs! How about a beer to celebrate?

Actually, how about five! I’ve got five Astros-friendly, Houston-brewed beers for ya to sip this off season. Which one are you gonna stock up on?

Dome Faux’m by 8th Wonder Brewery

OK, so let’s start with my fave on this list! This “throwback creamy ale” is in homage to the Astrodome and I may just love it for that? Like, can something be more Houston? *heart eye emoji*

But actually, yeah the beer slaps and is genuinely approachable to anyone!

Get it: Most grocery stores or at the 8th Wonder Brewery (2202 Dallas St.)

Crawford Bock by Karbach Brewing Co.

Definitely the easiest drinking beer on this list, anyone who enjoys a Shiner (aka everyone I’ve ever met?) will enjoy Crawford Bock. Bonus: The partnership between the Astros and Karbach benefits the Astros Foundation!

The beer is cleverly named for something in baseball (idk Google it, y’all) and decorated with the Astros star and stripes! It’s pretty, pretty generous, and pretty yum — what else you need?

Get it: Most grocery stores and at the Karbach brewery (2032 Karbach St.)

Orange Show by Saint Arnold’s Brewery

OK, stay with me here. Houston’s first craft brewery did not create Orange Show, their delicious citrus blonde beer to root, root, root for the home — the beer is actually named for a really cool art museum in Houston.

HOWEVER, this beer is delicious and so easy to drink during a long show of a baseball game with extra innings, as the Astros like to do ESPECIALLY this season. And one of the Astros’ colors is orange.

Get it: Most grocery stores or at the Saint Arnold Brewery (2000 Lyons Ave.)

Crush City from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

You might think that this one is actually be a stretch too — but it’s not! Houston’s Crush City nickname (which would go on to inspire a Bun B song) derived from the 2015 Astros season for all the homers CRUSHED by the team.

Also, look at this can! How can you not see Astros orange and Houston pride??

The beer is a pretty potent IPA — if you’re on the fence about IPAs, you’re probably not going to vibe with it.

Get it: Most grocery stores and the Buff Brew location (2101 Summer St.)

Juiceton from Spindletap Brewery

Ah! This is another can that just makes my Astros-filled heart want to burst from my chest!

This double IPA is part of the Houston-area brewery’s hazy collection, so take that with a grain of hops (hehe). I gotta admit that this is one I have not had yet, but honestly it might be too much for my blonde beer-loving self. It’s supposedly easier drinking than the 8.5% APV it is, and for that reason alone I’m down to try — one and done though with that APV!

Get it: At the brewery (10622 Hirsch Rd)

BONUS: How about a Houston-area brewery that’s 100% baseball themed??

Texas Leaguer Brewing in Missouri City (13503 Pike Rd.) has several beers all named for baseball things – and each can looks like a baseball card! It’s beyond on theme, so I had to include. I’ve found a few TX Leaguers in my local Kroger, but your best bet is to go straight to the source!

Cheers, y’all — and GO ASTROS!

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