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A Guide to Houston’s Sweet and Savory Bakeries

Where’s the best bakery in town to get that bread, Houston? Well, we have some ideas and suggestions for where to carb-o-load with locally made gluten-full products!

Note: OK, so I get that bakeries have way more than bread so don’t forget to scroll to the bottom if you have a super sweet tooth and are looking for a pastry hookup. 😉

Badolina Cafe in Rice Village

From the same crew at Doris Metropolitan comes Badolina in Rice Village! It’s so incredibly scrumptious and a new must-visit for me!

The spot has an amazing selection of sweet and savory Middle Eastern and Israeli pastries, plus croissants and sourdough. They have a custom coffee roast too that’s pretty fab for a quick caffeine hit! Expect its sister restaurant Hamsa next door soon — it’ll be tapas style!

Ps. I tried to highlight some faves of what I tried and I legit can’t narrow it down y’all 😂

Common Bond (multiple locations)

Common Bond locations have been rising all around town just like the bread they bake! Depending on the location, you can order lunch, dinner, wine on the patio, or drive-thru coffee and pastries! But one thing is consistent across town is… you can get fresh baked bread loafs (baguette, sourdough, multigrain, white, challah) priced from $3 to $6.50.

El Bolillo Bakery (multiple locations)

Let’s talk about a bakery with zero frills. The original El Bolillo at 2517 Airline Dr. is right at the intersection of 610 and 45 and has been around for like ever (v factual fact) and specializes in pan dulce, a Mexican specialty, but has a variety of sweet and savory treats. You can also visit the other locations in Pasadena or Gulfgate.

Kraftsmen Baking (the Heights)

Do not sleep on Kraftsmen Bakery, y’all! The cute spot in a refurbished clock tower has been nestled in the Heights neighborhood for years, and is a go-to for me for coffee or breakfast. Lately, I have been physically unable to leave without a loaf ($3-6) and, more often than not, physically unable to drive home without breaking into said bread.

French Gourmet Bakery (Uptown / Galleria area)

Another iconic Houston bakery is French Gourmet Bakery (2250 Westheimer Rd, near the Galleria) established in 1973 (!!!). Such a reliable stop if you want breakfast, lunch, or some pastries to-go, but they also have a good assortment of breads — and FRENCH-style breads… you know, the super delicious kinds??!

Three Brothers Bakery (multiple locations)

Another one that’s been serving H-town for decades is Three Brothers. The Jewish bakery has likely the best challah assortment in town and honestly, maybe bread in general??? Their website really has a full array. In store, ask for whatever is freshest and grab a pastry while you’re at it! They also come in clutch during the holidays with pies and cakes!

Weights + Measures (Midtown)

Weights + Measures (2808 Caroline St.) isn’t just a fab spot for brunch or dinner. The restaurant located in a 1950s industrial warehouse also features a bakery that opens at 7 am every morning. Not much info is available online, but it’s definitely stocked daily with a great assortment of bread options, pastries, and, of course, coffee!

Farmer’s Markets

OK, there’s absolutely no way for me to compile the ever-growing list of Houston’s farmer’s markets (seriously, there’s like a new one that starts up every month!!) but I am here to tell you each one will have 1-2 bread vendors ready to hook you up with their freshest carbs. Heights Mercantile, Rice Village, Sawyer Yards — each has their own Saturday or Sunday schedule. Search your neighborhood + farmer’s market and godspeed!

Pastry Specialists

It felt weird to not mention some of the bakeries around town that really just kill it on the pastry front. See, specifically I wanted to talk about bread exclusively, but here are some honorable mentions who focus on sweet tooth satisfaction:

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  2. I am disappointed there is no mention of Artisana Bread. Google ‘Best bread in Houston’.

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