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A Guide to Treating Yourself with ClassPass

I’m very much of the mentality of “work hard, play hard” — and what better way to play but to treat yourself to some relaxation?

ClassPass now has wellness and beauty experiences — and new partners are being added on the regular. BTW: It’s completely free to try ClassPass for two weeks (4 classes). Click here to try it out! (ClassPass Partner Link)

Workout from home with ClassPass — here’s a guide to virtual workout options!

Take advantage of the easy-book-options on the app or online and save a few bucks when you do so! Not sure where to start? I’ve got some ideas.

(Remember to tip! CP credits pay for the service itself, not including tip!)

Freshen up with a mani/pedi

The easiest way to treat yourself with your ClassPass membership is to get a mani/pedi. For one, there are a ton of options and locations! Also, it’s probably the fewest credits.

Partner rec: Texas Nails and Spa in Oak Forest was such a nice experience. I got a pedicure here, and they let me upgrade and pay the difference. A gel/shellac manicure is 13 credits and a basic pedicure is 12.

Relax with a massage

I think the massage spots on ClassPass are such a steal. I’ve been browsing lately and have found places I didn’t even know to look for massages — lots of nail salons have the service (who knew?). Of course, that’s not the most luxurious setting, but there are options for that too. I also have seen a lot of sports massage options.

Partner rec: A Kneaded Touch is high on my list to check out. The women- and Black-owned business in Upper Kirby has cupping (20 credits), 60-min relaxing massages (25 credits), and 60-min athlete mobility bodywork sessions (33 credits).

Face off with a facial

Again, I’m so impressed with the breadth of options for facials. You can get quick on-the-go facials for super cheap or go all-out. Happy browsing 🙂

Partner rec: K so I’m obsessed with Face Haus in Rice Village. It’s such a cool concept. Less of a spa experience — it feels more like a salon. But the facial itself is top notch. Get one for just 25 credits.

Recover with cryo and compression

I’m such a baby and neither cryo or compression *feels* like a treat, but sometimes it’s just what my body needs. For those of you who’ve never tried either… Cryotherapy is that thing where you hop into a freezing/sub-freezing booth for just a few minutes. The benefits are vast — and it’s just a few minutes. I love a good cryo sesh in the middle of summer bc I’ll feel cool all day! Compression is when you put on what basically looks like a blood pressure testing sleeve but for your whole leg and chill for 30 minutes are so. It’s kind of relaxing!

Partner rec: I’ve gone to Restore Hyper Wellness (two locations!) several times and usually stick to full-body Cryo (8 credits) and 30-min compression (6 credits).

Float on OK

Have you ever done a float? It’s bizarre… you hop into a futuristic pod thing and there’s super salty water that, no matter your size and weight, will allow you to float. The temperature is meant to right at human body temp so you lose track of where your body ends and the water begins. Trippy, right?

Partner rec: I’ve never been to Zivel in Katy, but they have so many day/time options and an amazing intro deal. A float here is 13 credits, but for your first time it’s just 9! (Such a steal compared to the $40 price tag.)

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