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5 Virtual ClassPass Workouts from Houston Studios

It’s been a weird time to workout and support our favorite local studios here in Houston, but I gotta say… the silver lining of this pandemic is the growth and evolution of the home workout! Never was I the gal to do some quick HIIT in my garage, but now that I have tons of live and streaming options, bring it on.

ClassPass specifically has upped its game of virtual workout options, and now there’s just so many amazing live streaming classes to choose from. BTW: It’s completely free to try ClassPass for two weeks (4 classes). Click here to try it out! (ClassPass Partner Link)

Like I said, so many virtual options, but if you’d like to get started locally, here are five Houston workout studios to try a virtual class at!

Black Swan Yoga

Get your virtual flow on with Black Swan Yoga. Every day, BSY has usually around one to three virtual flow options for you — weekday times are 8 am, noon, and 6 pm. On weekends, virtual flows are at noon. On Saturdays, you can catch a virtual chill sesh that incorporates yin, meditation, and more. Virtual classes are 4 credits each. Sign up here.

PS. BSY also has outdoor classes a few times a week at Raven Tower.


DEFINE, which has multiple locations in Houston, has opted for online streaming classes throughout the pandemic, and while those look to be offline for now, the studio has introduced some new outdoor sessions for spin and bounce (the trampoline class). The outdoor classes are priced like the other classes — 5-9 credits each. Sign up here.

BUT, you can book livestream classes through DEFINE’s Austin location. Classes are 7 credits and include bounce, body, rev, and more. Sign up here.

Barry’s At Home

OK, so Houston cannot claim Barry’s, but if you want to skip HIITing up the River Oaks studio and opt for a sweat sesh at home, you can! The best news here is there are so dang many livestreams available from Barry’s at Home. You will literally have so many options any day of the week. The bad news is there’s no major discount on virtual classes. It’s 12 credits across the board (in-person classes are usually 10-14 credits). Sign up here.


BEYOGA has around three livestreams a day — Zen, Flow, and Sculpted are all available at different times and days. The best news is the livestreams are only 3 credits — a dang deal if I’ve ever seen one!! Sign up here.

Institute of Contemporary Dance Houston

Listen, dance is literally something you don’t ever need anything other than a bottle of water and your tennis shoes! The Institute of Contemporary Dance Houston will provide the rest! It’s actually super cool that you can workout and learn something new with these 7-credit classes. Sign up here.

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