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5 Alcohols That’ll Get You Through Christmas

Best-Holiday-Drinks-GifDo you love drinking? Do you need a lil somethin, somethin to deal with your family members take the edge off? Do you just effin love the holidays? Well we have just the thing for you! ALCOHOL.

Here are five drinks/liquors to help you stock your place to throw an awesome party or make a killer cocktail. ALSO, slap a bow on the cap and call it a gift to your closest friend (read: me).

1. Rum Chata


Why is it Holiday-friendly? Because eggnog, hot chocolate, cinnamon and you get it.
What will this run me? $20ish
But, I wanna lose three pounds? Maybe don’t drink this. It’s a heavy liquor with like 140 calories for (not even a full) a shot and you will likely be mixing it with more alcohol or something creamy and delish. So, consume it sparingly (i.e. do plan to get schwasted on this alone).
Best as a… SHOT. Mixed with cinnamon whiskey. The double cinnamon is just so much yes.
But also a… Espresso creamy cocktail. Two shots of Rum Chata and one shot of espresso (add some skim milk, too if needed) add ice and boom.

2. Crabbie’s Ginger Beer


Why is it Holiday-friendly? Because it’s bubbly and different from champagne, and it is great in a punch. PLUS, it’s British so drink while watching Love Actually.
What will this run me? $10ish (for four)
But, I wanna lose three pounds? This is actually less caloric and more organic than most beers. As long as you steer clear of mixing it with fattening things, you’re good!
Best as a… Gin Ginger. One par gin, three parts ginger beer (will put you on your ass tho).
But also a… Festive Cranberry Punch. Quite a party pleaser, but keep an eye on grandma!

3. Red Wine (Menage à Trois is dabomb.com)


Why is it Holiday-friendly? BECAUSE RED (idk, wine is good for everything)
What will this run me? Anywhere from $5 and up (please go a little more up than that…) Menage is about $12.
But, I wanna lose three pounds? Get that Skinny Girl wine!
Best as a… Mulled wine. That’s festive as hell, right? So classic. Recipe here. 
But also a… glass of wine, duh!

4. Rumple Minze (Peppermint Schnapps)

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Why is it Holiday-friendly? Peppermint! Add this ish to ANYTHING and it makes it festive. AND ALWAYS. ALWAYS. Garnish with a candy cane.
What will this run me? About $15.
But, I wanna lose three pounds? It’s less than 200 calories a shot.
Best as a… Shot, to be honest. You’re breath will be fresh to death.
But also a… Spiked Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. Why mess with perfection?

5. Republic Tequila (The Texas Bottle!)


Why is it Holiday-friendly? Well, it isn’t. It’s just got a freaking beautiful bottle and is smooth as hell. Literally the best tequila I’ve ever shot. It’ll make an amazing gift.
What will this run me? Around $40-$50 depending on how long it was aged. Worth it I swear! #GOTEXAS
But, I wanna lose three pounds? It is no more fattening the tequila shots you take on the regular…
Best as a… Cranberry Margarita. If you’re hosting, you can do half regular and half cranberry then you got red and green drinks. You just got Martha Stewarted.
But also a… Drink with ANY of their juices. They are so scrumptious. Check for them in the cooler section!

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