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That one time I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane bc #friendship

A few weeks before Christmas, my friend’s boyfriend contacted me with a proposition. He wanted to get his girlfriend, Annie something special for Christmas. His idea of the ideal Christmas gift was paying for my other friend Christen and I to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with her.

At first we were like


And then we remembered who Annie was and we were like:

omg yes

But then Christen remembered she was terrified of heights.


However, skydiving seemed like the best and only option. So that left me to be the sole partner in jumping.

Thus we made a plan and executed it the next day:

photo (1)

We managed to stay in Saturday night because jumping out of a plane hungover has me like


Sunday morning we nervously drove her out to Pearland. Trying to keep it cool.

nervous driving

Pulling off the highway we were like PLOT TWIST. Skydiving.


At first she was like

oprah 2

But then she was like


Having successfully pulled off the surprise we were all

pulled off the suprise

As we were walking to the plane we were all whatever, see ya.


But then we were about to jump we were like


But then it was the point of no return and when it came for the moment to jump we were just like


Free falling had me like


When we landed, giant rush of adrenaline had us like

crazy dance

And then we ran into Annise Parker…like the effing MAYOR OF HOUSTON. She had casually jumped out of a plane earlier….#badass

Mean Girls Danny Devito

But actually proof bc #picsoritdidnthappen

photo 4

All I know is if jumping out of a plane for someone isn’t #friendship, I don’t know what is.

Merry Christmas Annie. You’re welcome David.

In case you were wondering, we went to SkyDive Spaceland and had a blast and a half.

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