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Beaver’s it’s Just South of Hooters

Earlier in the week as I was drafting out the Best Veggie Burgers in Houston, I came across Beaver’s in my research. Intrigued by some interesting vegetarian items on their menu, I made my way over to the Sixth Ward in the Heights.


First impression: Dive bar / ice house. Probably cheap beer on draft and lots of fat, burly biker dudes.

Slightly still first impression: Complementary free valet parking. This is nice. (Slash it’s the only option for parking.) I can dig.

First/second impression: We walk inside its warm (yay!) and we get seated at a high bar table with a mini semi-circle wrap around booth thing. I think this dive bar must have hired an interior decorator at some point…

Second impression: Wow, the bar is super cool. It’s made of tiny mirrored tiles and lit by a bunch of giant, artsy glass lamps that can only be best described as eclectic. They def hired an interior designer.


I’m wearing a scarf, honey

photo 1 (2)Our server rolls up and is immediately just oozing sass. He’s sporting the Beaver’s tee and has a scarf flamboyantly wrapped around his neck. First thing we do is order drinks. He walks us through basically the entire drink menu (I love when waiters have the patience to do that!) and I don’t know if it’s the description about sherry or what, but I more and more begin to think that he’s Damian reincarnated from Mean Girls. So after he gets done recommending drinks and explaining how marigold tastes like tarragons rejected cousin.We end up ordering a Blonde Bombshell (only local Texas beers are on draft) and a Black Daisy.

photo 2 (2)The Black Daisy was a cocktail ($2 off at happy hour!!) made of sotol (“Tequila’s cooler cousin”), lemon, mulled blackberries, mint and marigold. I assume it was quite good as my dinner partner in crime downed it in a matter of minutes. The drink menu is quite extensive at Beaver’s and eclectically organized. Cocktails are arranged by categories like “Friendly,” “Frisky” and “I Like it Rough.” I would say take your mind out of the gutter, but I kid you not, their motto is “Beaver’s: It’s just south of Hooters.” So I’m pretty sure they want you to go there….Drink are also categorized by time periods. So if you were, you know, craving a cocktail from 1860-1919, Beaver’s has got you covered.


Snacky- Poo

After he delivers our drinks, Damian returns and I swear to god asks us if we want a “snacky-poo.” Um yes. Absolutely. We decided to split the Classic Mac made with three cheeses because Damian declared this a “no judgment zone.” It was creamy and good and featured on Beaver’s Food Porn.

I’m a mayo gal myself

So continuing with our night of decadence, I, of course, order the Beaver’s Nut Burger as it was the whole reason we embarked on this journey. And my friend ordered the Beaver Burger. When the food arrived, my friend asked for some mayo to go with her burger and Damain responds “Me too girl. Mayo. I’m a mayo gal myself.” YES.

Beaver's Nut Burger, Houston,The Beaver Nut Burger was super good and super unique. It’s part rice part cashew part walnut. Never have I ever seen a burger made of nuts before Beaver’s. And props to them for pulling it off. Topped with their sweet housemade pickles and miso-mustard sauce (could eat it with a spoon), the burger is quite delish. However, I must add the homemade oregano chips give the burger a run for its money. They are unique and seasoned to perfection.



Beaver's Burger HoustonThe Beaver Burger consists of two patties with melted cheese on the inside and all the regular fixins. I’m not a meat eater myself, but I was informed it was pretty darn good. It was topped with two fat onion rings and came with a serving of fries. If you’re the kind of person who adds salt to everything, go for the fries because they are seasoned like crazy. Otherwise go for the chips, you won’t need to down a quart of water after eating them.


Hasta la Pasta

I guess I technically ate bar food for dinner, but the meal was really so much more than that. It was very satisfying, not greasy, and a well-thought out vegetarian meal.  Damian wished us “hasta la pasta” on our way out but given Beaver’s proximity to Midtown and Downtown I’m bound to be back real soon. Next time I’ll make a point to take full advantage of the happy hour and try out more of their craft cocktails and their fried pickles. Beaver’s also has a patio outside, which would be pretty cool too if it was wasn’t currently bordering on freezing temperatures outside. Also side note they’re super cool and are all about that chick-on-chick filet life.

Have you ever been to Beaver’s? What do you recommend ordering? Are you also a mayo gal yourself? Comment and let us know!

Beaver’s Houston

2310 Decatur St. 

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