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#BoxHaul: Don’t StitchFix What Isn’t Broken


OK, real talk. I had a huge case of the post-Christmas blues. I got a lot of gift cards and money—and I am so, so thankful for it all because it meant endless opportunities for me. Would I invest in an iPad, like I originally planned? Would I sit on it, weighing my options? Or, would I just go on an online ordering spree? In my indecisiveness, I didn’t do anything.

I spent a little on my New Year’s resolution’s (cough, cough: workout pants and sports bras) and a little on the antithesis of that (cough, cough: dining and drinking). And then I just wanted to do something new. So, I subscribed to BIRCHBOX. And also… a similar service called StitchFix.

My process went as follows:

Step 1: Accidentally stumble upon it. Hey! This is where you are currently.

Step 2: Read all the info thoroughly. (Include FAQs!) Question if this sounds too good to be true.

Step 3: Subscribe. It’s only twenty bucks? I spend more than that on coffee monthly. And that $20 acts as a credit if you buy what they send you. (That’s right, the catch. I pay additionally for the clothes).

Step 4: Fill out the “Style Profile” which asks me sizes and measurements (I guessed), style preferences and a link to my Pinterest “My Style” board. Not kidding. Frantically go to this board and pin all the things. Fall into a Pinterest wormhole.

Step 5: Snap out of wormhole and order it. Set a date for it to come.

Step 6: Annoyingly and impatiently wait the day you asked for it.

Step 7: Get it one day later than planned. Rejoice. Rip into it.

Step 8: Find earrings. Super cute, but become aware that they probably cost more than all your earrings together.

Step 9: Find the price list tucked into a nice personalized letter. At $27, these studs do.

Step 10: Find a nice blue top, with an embroidered bib. (And a card with styling tips? OK, cool.) But it’s $48? Honestly not that special nor my style. NEXT.

Step 11: OK THIS DRESS CAN STAY. We’re friends at $38.

Step 12: Find a draped cardigan. Not something I’d pick out for myself. But, willing to try it on—since that is what this all is about. BUT WAIT DOES THAT SAY $54? Oh hell no… It’s super thin!

Step 13: This oversized, light-weight sweater was made for me.

Step 14: Try everything on and revel in my indecisiveness. The dress is just a shade tight, and made from non-stretch material. Honestly I’m not in love with anything but the sweater. The cardi is big and too drapey than it’s intended. The earrings are great, but not really worth their price tag.

Step 15: Decide to sleep on it.

Step 16: Pack four of the five items up before my head hits the pillow.

Step 17: Fill out a form on the website.

Step 18: Decide that I’m over it.

Step 19: Decide that, ehh I’ll give it another go.

Step 20: Book my next shipment—after my feedback, StitchFix emailed me promising to do better. FINGERS CROSSED!

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