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The Newsette could be the next The Skimm

TheNewsetteI have a love-hate relationship with email newsletters. I absolutely love getting my morning news from The Skimm and “the dish from the world’s most powerful women” from Fortune’s The Broadsheet. Also, my Friday inbox couldn’t get any better with Buzzfeed’s “This Week in Cats.” Oh and then of course, It’s Not Hou It’s Me is the rose of all roses on my Wednesdays. On the other hand, the thorn of my thorns would be basically any marketing email from a store. Like I get it, I ordered that one thing from you that one time. But I promise you, I seriously don’t need a daily email reminding me of sales at Banana Republic or Target or Kate Spade or whatever. Like serious abuse of your access to my email address. While dreaming of my dream home, I inadvertently signed up for a Zillow account and got THREE emails from them in 24 hours. Jeez slow your roll, sunshine, chill the eff out. Phew.

Anyways, latest newsletter on my radar is The Newsette. Their claim to fame is that they are the perfect morning newsletter to go with your latte. They send you fashion tidbits, celebrity news, and other random things each morning. They feature cute pics on instagram each week (It’s Not Hou was featured this week!) and sometimes they have interviews with semi-celebrities.  I haven’t decided whether I love or hate it yet. Right now their content is a little blah and I effin hate the font they use (it’s Cambria). For example, some of their recent best insta pics have been from Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevigne–not the most inspiring or creative choices out there. I am looking for them to really pull from the depths of social media and help their audiences discover true internet influence gems (like It’s Not Hou!). I’d also like more hyperlinks so I can see where their material came from if I want to read more. But since I’m a supporter of capitalism and the free economy, I don’t think The Skimms and the Buzzfeed Cats of the world should have a monopoly over your email inbox, so you should consider subscribing to the Newsette  (tell them It’s Not Hou referred you) and give this startup newsletter a chance. Because who knows, it could be the next The Skimm.


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