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#Boxhaul: If You Ask Me to Review Something, I Will


What I’ve realized with Birchbox and StitchFix and now… Ipsy (yay!) is that the more you review, the more you earn in points to buy things! I support free money/credits.

But here’s the thing. If you ask me to do a review, I’ll do it. But…. I might not have much to say.#oops #sorrynotsorry.

I thought, since I do these reviews (kind of haphazardly to get the points) I’d show you the end result. Spoiler: I’m not particularly loquacious on these.

Also: When you do these reviews, they ask you a thousand questions. Always with different variations and I find it so hilarious, especially the options. There’s always 100 ways to say yes and like one no. Here’s a sample.

  1. Did you like this product?
    1. Extremely
    2. Mostly yes
    3. Moderately yes
    4. Slightly yes
    5. Almost
    6. Maybe
    7. Ehh
    8. No

And why is “would you recommend this product to a friend” a question? Like how often do you think I sit around with my friends talking about all the great products I use. No, that’s not a thing.

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CARGO Cosmetics – Mini Lip Gloss

At first, I put a whole gob of it on my lips. When my lips came out, like, LITERALLY white I realized how a little goes a long way. Then the color and the gloss of it grew on me. Now I use it every day!

NYX Cosmetics – Slim Eye Pencil

I was like WTF is this Kesha silver eye liner crap. I wear black liquid eye liner on the top eyelid. That’s all I wear ever. But I used the silver on my bottom lid, and it totally helped to brighten my eyes!

Luxie Beauty – Large Angled Face Brush 504

I take care of my brushes, so I’m not usually in the market for a new brush regularly. But, I did think this one is a good, sturdy brush I’ll use for a while!


Other than making me look like a zombie, this mask did nothing for me. It also stung a little too. Not a huge fan.

ModelCo – BLUSH Cheek Powder

Solid blush! It stays on all day.

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