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A Few of Our Favorite Things: March

March obsession

House of Cards. Like if you’re not already obsessed with this show…GTFO. Basically Claire Underwood is my spirit animal, has the best wardrobe ever, and is basically everything that I want to be in life. Season 3 came out like two weeks ago. So if you haven’t already…let the binge watching commence.

Daily Worth. An email newsletter that is guaranteed to deliver you some worth to your inbox. Finance focused for the working woman, it also throws in fun articles like what it’s like to be a professional bridesmaid and why you’re spending so much on food.

Gloria’s Margaritas. Possibly the best things ever. But like actually happy hour go there now get the regular ones (the strawberry ones aren’t on special) and designate a driver because friend you gonna be tipsy after one. Drunnkkkkk after two. Blackout after three. Located two blocks from the Light Rail, the margs make for a perfect pregame for the rodeo/any shenanigans in Midtown.

Rocket Fuel. Local beer made by Houston proud 8th Wonder Brewery, it’s a Vietnamese coffee porter and basically the most amazing thing for anyone who likes coffee or beer. Find it at select bars or at the brewery. It will change your life.

Recipe for Success. They like vegetables. We like vegetables. They have a 30 day vegetable challenge for March. I’m all about it. Their instagram is killing it with the unusual vegetable photo contest (jiamaca anyone?). Eat some veggies and change the world. I dig it.

Invisibilia. It’s a podcast. It talks about things you can’t see, yet drive your humanity (love, fear, thoughts, etc) . And it blows your mind. Make your morning commute/workout/workday better. It’s technically ended—so hey, binge listening. But it’s still cool as ish. (And it will fill the Serial-sized hole in your heart, if you haven’t already filled that with alcohol and meaningless one-night stands… #freeadnan)

#FreezingHot. Everything Iliza Shlesinger says has never rang more true. She is the Mean Girls of stand up comedy. Find her on Netflix. Soon you’ll be saying “Jacket? No jacket??!” as much as “You can’t sit with us!”

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