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10 Reasons Why Tout Suite Cafe is on Point

For any of you who have looked up #houstoneats on instagram (no? is that just me?) you would know that Tout Suite kills it. Every post is a winner. You can’t help but double tap everything they put online. So after following @toutsuitehtx for a few weeks, I decided it was finally time to track down wherever it was located and go there and see if real life can compete with insta-life. (Spoiler: It can.)

Tout Suite is a bakery cafe located in East Downtown a few blocks away from the Astros Stadium. Despite being located in a pretty seedy party of town, the cafe has great energy and charm and it’s certainly become an “It” spot in Houston. It’s a laid back spot to enjoy a coffee, people watch, and [maybe] get some work done.

 Here are 10 reasons Toute Suite is on point:

1. Their instagram. See obsession above. But also who runs this thing??? (My hunch would be @aimee_toutsuite). But really. Look at some of these insta gems.

2. Their fresh pressed juices. Only kinda super obsessed with anything with beets in it. When I went there was a selection of 3-4 types of fresh pressed juices. I went for one with jalopenos, beets, apples, and citrus. Phenomenal.

Tout Suite Houston juices3. Their floor. We get it. You’re a hipster haven and just too cool for school. Pretty much the definition of the East Downtown revival.

Tout Suite Floor4. Their name. I don’t speak French, but I’m pretty sure the name is a play on words and the cafe name is supposed to be pronounced “too sweet” #seewhattheydidthere

5. Their succulents. Can they get more trendy? Succulents on point.

6. Their bakery. Macarons, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, breads. They’ve got it. And they insta filter them oh so well.

7. Their ambiance. Sleek, clean, rustic. Lots of natural light. Such a great place to work (read: blog).

tout suite houston interior

8. Their social media prowess. A giant light up hashtag adorns the wall and they have different hashtags and quotes each day to engage their diners.

9. Their hours. It opens up early and stays open late. So whether you need to jump start your day with breakfast or need a place to hang out late into the night. Tout Suite seems to always be open. And always offering themselves up as a haven to wait out Houston traffic.

10. Their brunch. I actually went here for lunch (not brunch) but the fact that they have brunch in my books gives them an automatic A++ as a restaurant. The grilled cheese was pretty bomb. As were the fries.

Tout Suite Floor grilled cheese