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True Foods Kitchen Brunch is a Haven for Vegetarians

Located in the fancy-smancy Blvd Place just north of the Galleria, True Food Kitchen is a vegetarian haven. The entire restaurant is based on this “anti-inflammatory pyramid” and the research and work of Dr. Andrew Weil–aka he recommends to eat less meat. So shocker, the menu is super vegetarian friendly and thus I’m in love with the place. It’s got a fab dinner menu, so naturally I made a point to go there for my favorite meal of the week–BRUNCH.

The Vibe

The ambiance is super sleek. It’s very nature-y. Lots of wood and plants and bamboo and other earthy elements incorporated into its decor. All the servers wear the same uniform of a grey t-shirt and utility-esque cargo pants. Kind of like a hippie commune or something…but more professional somehow. Also the bathroom has a communal sink for men and women with separate stalls. Interesting no? Either way the decor complements the vibe of the restaurant, the menu, and the people.

The Drinks

While they do have a full bar menu, for whatever reason we all elected to get coffee and “natural refreshments,” if you will. I ordered the Kale-Aid which had kale (shocker), apple, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger–heavy on the ginger. In comparison with other places that I’ve ordered juices (Adair Kitchen, Tout Suite, to name a few), True Food Kitchen is compatible in terms of quality but a few dollars cheaper.  Soooo big win. Others at the table got the Hangover (coconut water, pineapple, vanilla and orange) and the Pomegranate Limeade (lime, pomegranate, chia seed). Positive remarks all around. Saving our livers one day at a time.


Lots of vegetarian options. Always a #winner in my book. After much contemplation over basically everything on the menu, it was a game time decision and I spontaneously chose the Market Vegetable Scramble. It was a great portion size–lots of potatoes, lots of eggs, not too heavy, lots of fresh vegetables–mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onion, etc. Divine. Everyone at the table had to have a bite [of a bite].

Market Vegetable Scramble

The most “unhealthy” thing on the menu was deemed to be the Breakfast Burrito with turkey sausage and cheese. The Huevos Rancheros and Tofu Scramble Wrap were also solid entree choices. However, they both came served with beans that were salty af. So you’ve been warned.

The Service

Not so hot. I don’t know if it was because we had a group of seven or what, but our service was insanely slow. It took like 45 minutes to take our drink order. And another 45 minutes for our food. The tables next to us on either side got seated after us and left before us. We basically had to tackle our server for things like water and coffee refills. Which is particularly strange because we weren’t even our usual hungover, rambunctious selves…Although she did give us a dessert for free because it was someone’s birthday…so there’s that.


The Verdict

Would definitely come back here. Happy hour at the bar could be a thing. As could brunch again because so many stellar options. Hopefully the service thing was a fluke and our server just wanted us to have a good time and enjoy each others’ company. Other than that I would give award True Food Kitchen 5 out of 5 vegan juices for food and ambiance and 2 out of 5 hippy cargo pants for service.

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