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When Jimmy John’s Just Won’t Do: Get a Döner

Did you read this title and think: Oh the blasphemy!?? Are you one of those people who swear by the hangover healing and nutritional power of the sprouts and suspicious guac spread that define the signature Jimmy John’s sandwiches? Well, in that case this post probs isn’t for you. But if by chance you’re feeling like it’s time to break the French bread monotony, I give you Dögarz Döner to spice up your life.

After walking past the vibrantly colored eatery on my way to work every day for the past 6 months, I finally stopped into see what Dögarz Döner is exactly and how it stays in business. Here are some FAQ’s about my experience.

Dogarz Doner turkish kebab midtown houstonWhat is Dögarz Döner?

Dögarz Döner is a quaint little eatery located in Midtown just south of Downtown at the corner of Smith and Gray (2101 Smith St. to be exact). Its primary menu options consist of döners, lettuce wraps, and salads. The menu is based on authentic Turkish and German dishes with the occasional Italian, Mediterranean, and even Indian twist!

How do you pronounce Dögarz Döner?

The first word…no effing clue. The second is prononced “dew-nah” according to their website.

What is a döner?

It’s basically the Turkish version of the gyro. So a pita-like bread filled with generally a meat off a rotisserie like lamb and then garnished with tomato, onion with sumac, picked cucumber and chili. They are apparently very popular with Turkish people (duh) and German soccer players.

What do they serve at Dögarz Döner?

The menu focuses on döners. You can fill your döner with lamb, beef, chicken or fish–or a vegetarian option with falafel! Then you choose if you want feta cheese and spices. It’s a fairly simple menu, but given the foreignness of the items, the employees are super helpful and will walk you through the menu.

Dogarz Doner turkish kebab midtown houstonWhat did you order?

I got the falafel döner with feta and the spicy sauce. It had a vegetable slaw of cucumber, tomato, cilantro, corn and cabbage and topped with a yogurt garlic sauce.

How did you like it?

It was actually pretty good! It was fresh and spicy, and felt very healthy but was also quite filling. I was happy that they had a vegetarian option.

How does it compare to Jimmy John’s?

Way effing better.  I had to wait a whole 2 minutes instead of 45 seconds. So fast but not “freaky fast,” if you will. But the food quality was great and it’s a local business so my karma points went way up not to mention my cultural karma–it’s not every day you eat a German-Turkish dish.

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