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The Queso is the Only Redeeming Feature of Añejo Brunch

The Brunch Klub and I tried to be all hip and cool and chic and whatever and try out the new texmex restaurant Añejo located in Uptown Park. The restaurant itself opened in late March and we were there on April 12 for its first day of brunch.

Now, if you have never been to a restaurant on the first day its open, let me tell you, it’s kind of a mess. They still have all sorts of kinks to work out (oh, you have a party of 12….uhhhh…let me figure out how to seat you…*eyes roll*), the wait staff isn’t fully knowledgeable of the menu (think: no coffee recommendations),the chef has no vegetarian options, and so on….

Anejo Queso In general, the brunch menu leaves a bit to desire. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros–but vegetarian. And the server just struggled with my order. He came out three times to ask me how I wanted my eggs….uh the way Huevos Rancheros eggs always come…fried…duh. That is Texmex Brunch 101….My meal came 10 minutes after everyone else’s and was just two fried eggs and a stingy helping of greasy breakfast potatoes. It was so miserable I don’t even want to bother including a picture. By no means worth the $14 or whatever I ended up paying. I needed like 4 more mimosas to even consider enjoying it….

Anyways, I don’t want to brunch bash Añejo too much since it was just the first day and I’m sure the menu will go through iterations as they find what people like and the quality of service will improve as the wait staff gets more knowledgeable.

Thus, focusing on the positives: the patio outside is big and shaded and is a pleasant space to spend the afternoon. And the queso was the queso to end all quesos. It was a queso medley of asadero, oaxaca, and chihuahua cheese of served on a block of wood with little bowls of chopped Serrano peppers, tomatoes, onion and habanero salsa so you can customize your queso exactly to your liking. Ummm heavennnn!

The guacamole is also beautiful. Its called “guacamole molacajete” and is served mortar and pestle style in a bowl and is also accompanied by all sorts of toppings–tomato, onion, jalapeño, cilantro, lime, etc. for personal you-make-it-yourself made-to-order experience. So effing good.

If I were to go to brunch at Añejo again (lolz no), I would probably order a personal pitcher of mimosa and an order of queso and guac. Nuff said.

Anejo guac

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