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#BOXHAUL: I Tried the World (And I Liked It)


So, I plan on traveling to Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy in a little more than a year. A. I need to save up, like, yesterday. B. What is Europe.

I’m beginning my education process now with Pinterest, guidebooks and, now, Try the World.

I’m a little confused on the process still (do I pick a country? no? ok… then I’ll just wait here…) but your first box is Paris (yeah, I have no clue if that’s right). So I got these things and TONS of info on them, recipes, music, poetry and attractions.

Try-The-World-biscuitYou say sablés, I say crackers.

La Mère Poulard. Hi, France it’s me. Can I just say, thank you for croissants. These little crackers are mini, transportable croissants. Just as many layers, crumbs and just as much butter.

Sticky situation.

Maison D’Armorine. Ooey gooey caramels that DON’T melt in your mouth. They last in their deliciousness on your tongue for a WHILE.

Dijon want me.

Domaine Des Vignes. Why not have Dijon mustard WITH whole mustard seeds MADE IN the place where Dijon mustard was created. NBD.


Le Palais Ds Thés. I’m way into tea right now and this tea is so great. It’s flowery but not annoying.

I’m so salty.

Le Saunier De Camargue. Stop. I can’t believe I cooked my dinner with real salt from a real sea hand harvested. I’m too fancy for myself right now.

Honey, let’s go to Paris.

Maison Peltier. This is real honey from a bee farm that’s been around since 1946. Hint. Have it with the tea!

That’s my jam.

Carles Antona. I just ate this out of the jar. I don’t like figs, but maybe now I do.

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