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Sunday Funday @ Breakfast Yoga Club Houston

This morning I got out of my comfort zone and broke my usual Sunday routine of sleeping in until brunch. I woke up early and went to  Breakfast Yoga Club.

Breakfast Yoga Club, you ask? What is it? Well, it’s delightful.

BYC Houston is a group of yogis who get together each month in different places with different teachers and give a free/donation-based yoga class to the community. I’ve been wanting to go to one of the BYC events for a while, had followed the BYC Houston Facebook group and had seen all the posts. But the first time I was able to make it out was for the “Welcoming The Fall” gathering on September 26.

It was awesome. The event was hosted at the Rienzi House, which is this giant mansion in River Oaks turned into an art museum. The class was from 9am-11am and took place outside in the gardens behind the house. I estimate that probably more than 200 people attended the event. I arrived right around 9 and had to park waaaaaaay down the street and squeeze my mat into a spot alongside the pool. It was an adventure. 

Breakfast Yoga Club is all about getting people out of their comfort zone. It brings people together from different studios and gives yogis a chance to experience different teachers and yoga styles and break the usual routine. I certainly broke my routine. Waking up early on a Sunday to be athletic isn’t generally a priority of mine. Heck, the class was given outside and there was even a bit of rain…that’s certainly something that doesn’t happen too often!

FullSizeRender (68)Four teachers from different studios (YogaOne, Big Yoga, Spring St., and an Austin guest) taught the two-hour class. It was fun! They switched off every thirty minutes or so and lead us through a vinyasa warm up, some standing and balancing postures, some deep hip openers, and then a closing meditation. DJ Kung Fu (yes, that’s for real) provided a nice backdrop of beats for the flow. The class was suitable for all experience levels and was followed by a light breakfast of bagels and apples in the museum.

I absolutely loved the BYC class. It probably helped that I’m a morning-loving yogi, but I loved getting out there and meeting the people on the mats next to me, sweating outdoors, getting rained on, and meditating in the fresh air. It was awesome! I loved the break in my weekend routine and now that I’ve been to one I’ll definitely be back for future events. I believe the next BYC event is scheduled for  October 25 And I’m beyond excited! Namaste to all my Houston yogis 🙂

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