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Cadillac Bar: I like big brunch and I cannot lie

Driving along the I-10 feeder, I have seen the sign “Like Big Brunch? Call Us” apx a zillion times. Despite being the brunch lover that I am, I never was tempted to call because the sign was connected to Cadillac Bar and I knew that, despite being a great texmex place and having a bomb happy hour, their brunch was….a buffet. Ugh gross right? I’m inherently suspicious of buffets because it reminds me of Golden Corral or low quality Chinese food or college dining halls. But convenience and hungover-ness won over this week and we decided to give Cadillac Bar a chance.

And y’all. Let me tell you. Cadillac Bar does NOT mess around with their brunch. Their brunch is big and beautiful. And the buffet is legit. Big fan.

First let’s start off with the ambiance. Brunch is held in the Laredo Room in the back which I would describe as a brightly lit and decorated dance hall or something. We walked in around 11:30 and that place was packed. The brunch was super family friendly, and it kind of reminded me of my youth and getting brunch with my parents after church growing up…but that’s a story for another time…People of all ages were there, it was loud, and there was lots of energy. Five or six buffet stations were scattered around the room. Talk about selections.

We got seated pretty promptly and ordered a round of Bloody Mary’s. Obviously, since Cadillac Bar is all about the buffets, we were handed glasses of ice and vodka and told to serve ourselves at the Bloody Mary Bar. Heck yeah. They had all sorts of pickled things, hot sauces, and tomato juices to customize your drinks. I left with basically a salad in a glass–asparagus, green beans, okra, baby corn. #Healthy right?

For the food, the buffets did bring me back to my college dining hall days because Cadillac Bar seemed to have prepared literally everything they could think of for the menu. Yes, the focus was mostly texmex and Latin foods (empanadas, fried plantains, papusas, etc.) , but there was also a french fries, tortellini, crepes, omelettes, an ice cream bar and even mac and cheese!

You have to go into the buffet with a plan. You can’t just wing it because then you get a plate that looks like mine–spinach enchiladas with a side of chilaquiles and mac and cheese (which is dang good btw), and a load of rando nacho toppings. Not that that’s a bad thing, but if I were to do it again, I would be more discerning with my food choices and go for the breakfast taco option. Aka pick up some fresh tortillas and then go to every station in the room and pick out the best toppings to go into the tacos–potatoes, eggs, salsa, guac, jalapenos, tomatoes, etc. It’s just like the dining hall: with a little bit of creativity you can create a seriously masterful brunch plate.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the success that is Cadillac Bar brunch. It’s big and bold and I like it. The prices were also decent. The buffet is a set $20 and the Bloody Mary was only $5. Don’t hate it. This would def be a place that I would bring out of town guests–grandparents, little cousins, etc.–or go with a big group of friends. I can confidently say now that I like big brunch, and I cannot lie.


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  1. I just love the title of this post!!!! That’s awesome!
    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad I came over to see yours! I love how you have everything categorized! Such a cute idea! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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