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A Few of Our Favorite Things: September

OK, I know it’s been 1,000 years since the last favorite things post and I know it’s almost a week into October, but relax. We’re adults who do what we want. Hmmm… that excuse should be one of the favorites.

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. Great question, Mindy. I ask myself that every time a friend gets engaged… jk… sorta. Mindy is so interesting, she can have a SECOND memoir. It’s been a while since I read her first one, but this one is DEFINITELY just as good. Which is weird. Seriously, how much of your life is good enough to fill one, much less TWO books. Mindy wins. She’s incredible honest and insightful. I’m binge listening on Audible while I workout/drive/shower/fall asleep. I’m gonna need another book fast.

Urban Eats. I’m like, “Hey WASSUP hello” to this place. Ahem, remember when I blogged about it way back when? It’s still going strong, a not so common thing in Houston restaurant world, and the brunch is to die for, if you like large portions and slow service. Sometimes, that’s what you need on a hungover brunch.

Texas Contemporary Art Fair. Sadly, this event has come and gone, but not before we could sneak in for a visit. The fest with artists from all around the world took over George R. Brown. Tons of thousand dollar painting, statues, murals, etc. In case you’re wondering, yes, most of it was over my head, bc #art.

Peter Pan 360. You can still fly away with Wendy and Peettah. What in the world am I talking about? UHH, only the most magical experience ever just down the street until Oct. 25.

Primzie’s Caramelized Garlic chips. The limited time flavor for the Austin-based snackery is made just for Houston-area Kroger stores during their Taste of Italy event. Pop in a store from now until October 13, and you can find the snacks. There are also special events such as “Crack the Parm,” where someone will crack 78 pounds of parmigiana cheese. I’m literally drooling. More here.

Perfect Fit. Also available at Kroger, are these delicious little meals that come prepackaged and are steamable in a microwave. Get them, because dieting should be easy.

Bonus October stuff:

GreekFest. I already taught you how to GreekFest, so I won’t be repetitive. Just know GreekFest is everything I ever needed it to be.

Washington Ave. Cigna Sunday Streets took over the Rice Military area. NBD. There were fun things, I’m told, because I was not there. Which is upsetting not just because it looked fun, but also because the Houston Snap Story covered it and ahem, Anastasia, ahem made it on there. My quest for 15 minutes of fame continues.

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