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Houston gets even healthier with Eatfitters

It’s hard to imagine that Houston was once considered the fattest city in America as yet another healthy eating option comes onto the Houston dining scene. Eatfitters, a local Houston company, provides busy professionals another option to choose quick and healthy foods. Similar to MyFitFoods or Snap Kitchen, Eatfitters’ serves prepared foods in properly portioned packages to take out and heat up at home. (Eatfitters offers a dine-in option, but most people take the food home).

I had to the opportunity to try some of Eatfitters food and made a visit to the Shepard location. What stuck me as soon as I walked into the store was the wall art stretching above the refrigerators that proclaimed “Eating healthy is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.” I definitely think that if you want to change your lifestyle for the better and for the healthier, you have to commit to those changes for a life time, not just for 30 days or 6 weeks or whatever diet fad recommends. So props to Eatfitters for being on point there.

Eatfitters Houston Shepherd

As I talked to the knowledgeable sales person, I learned that since Eatfitters is only in Houston, it has more control over their recipes than MyFitFoods or Snap Kitchen. They also work really hard to provide balanced meals that are high in protein and low in sodium. Eatfitters even has a nutritionist on-hand to give people personalized eating plans.

Here’s what I tried and my thoughts:

  • Breakfast// Strawberry Pancakes: I’m not a big sweet person, but I actually liked these. The pancakes were made with wheat flour, toasted walnuts and had honey instead of syrup.  The meal had three palm-sized pancakes which felt healthy and not sticky or heavy which is what I normally associate with pancakes (ugh, IHOP *shudders*).

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  • Lunch//Garden Lasagna: YUM. Perfectly portioned, filling and delicious. I’ve had some dang good vegetarian lasagna in my time and this def ranks at the top. The dish had a bunch of different veggies, like squash, carrots, and broccoli, topped with a marinara sauce and cottage cheese. Pro tip: Take the lasagna out of the plastic container before you heat it up. I found that it heats better in the microwave.

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  • Snack//Hummus & Eggs: Interesting. Not sure I would go with them again. It was three deviled eggs filled with homemade Lebanese hummus. I like the more traditional deviled egg with a bit more of a sour punch from the mustard and relish filling, but if that’s not your thing, then these would be a good, milder alternative.

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All in all of the food I ate was very light and felt healthy. From what I tried at Eatfitters, I found that everything I ate would be something that I would make myself if I had the time/patience.  Note: when I cook at home, I don’t drown everything in a gallon of grease. So for me Eatfitters is like going to a restaurant to get home-cooking. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of vegetarian options, which is surprising to me because vegetarian diets tend to be notoriously healthy…I guess it doesn’t fit into their detailed nutrition plan.

Either way, I think Eatfitters is a great option to have at lunch. I’m excited to hear that they are opening a new location in the downtown Houston Tunnels and look forward to changing up my Salata routine to check it out!

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