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5 Thoughts I Had at the ZiegenBock Music Fest

Right?! Did you just ask yourself, “What is a ZiegenBock Music Fest?!” I had the same reaction. Apparently, it’s been happening for years. THIRTEEN YEARS.

The festival brings country artists, both local and from afar, to three stages at Sam Houston Race Park. Add carnival food and beer, and you get it. A fun time for all. Let me walk you through the experience by letting you peek inside my brain to five thoughts I had.

“Well, this is annoying.”

Good GOD, did you know Sam Houston Race Park is stricter than a Catholic school? I printed my tickets and they were the wrong ones. So, after waiting in line for 5 or so minutes, got my back checked, I was denied entrance. The THIRD time was the charm, after I got new ones printed at will call. So, I waited in line and got my bag checked…….. for the third time and finally got in. #thestruggle

“Beer me.”

I LOVE ZiegenBock. It’s a Texas beer and is kinda like Shiner. It’s not as expensive as craft brews, so it’s my go-to if I want a cheap beer, but don’t want to resort to BudLight because standards. Funnily enough, the fest had Miller Lite and BudLight, and I think more people were drinking those than ZB. ZiegenBock also has a new lager that’s more hoppy and, ahem, has a higher alcohol content percentage. YAAASS.

“I should get a tattoo.”

YOLO. There was a guy doing spray paint tattoos, so, after convincing him to give my friend and I matching ones at a buy-one-get-one price, I got one. In honor of the ticket fiasco, we got barcodes on or wrists. Like real bad asses. We’re not part of your system.

“Why is the Papa John’s line so short?”

There were tons of different foods there: Turkey legs, corn dogs, etc. The lines were so long, but for whatever reason, people hated Papa John’s. I judged them all for it.

“OK, fringe boots are a thing. A really big thing.”

I also judged them all on some outfit choices, but I can appreciate some of them. Apparently fringe boots (the brighter colors, the better) are very in right now. I was somewhere between jealousy and awe in them.

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