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A Few of Our Favorite Things: October

fav things oct

What a good month you were, October. No one really gets excited about October. Yeah, sure, there’s Halloween but that’s all the way at the end. Cheers to you, you undervalued month, you. You’re just fine in our eyes.

Fall weather and Iliza references. Update: It’s like 60 degrees outside right now. YASSSS to sweaters and boots and scarves and pumpkin everything. Literally living this bit Iliza Shlesinger does about fall because #basic. We love Iliza.

Shopping on Amazon. Y’all. I have a problem. I buy pretty much everything on Amazon right now. Yesterday, I bought deodorant. Like, what? But between Prime 2-day free shipping and the daily deals, I. Can’t. Stop.

The new River Oaks District. So excited about this one. Gosh, such a cute little shopping center (and a dangerously close proximity to my apartment). It’s a little pricy, but it’s still a good hang. I love love love the iPic Theater that just opened. Yummy food, comfy chairs and craft cocktails—the only way to watch a movie.

Hunky Dory. Specifically the Snapper TarTar on the appetizer menu. it’s basically a deconstructed fish and chips. You take the chip and put a lil snapper on it and some malt vinegar aioli. I’m pretty sure next time I go I’m just getting two orders of this, bc YOLO. Oh, yeah, the other entrees are v good too.

Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) In Song by Sara Bareilles on Audible. So, you don’t have to be Sara Bareilles’ super fan to enjoy, but it helps. She writes 8 essays and starts each one with an acapella snippet from one of her songs. She talks childhood, first heartbreak, etc. It’s nothing groundbreaking but her voice (literally and figuratively) is amazing. She has a great perspective that is subtly uplifting. I have a better day when it starts with a essay from Sara. Downside: It’s only like 4 hours or so.

Budweiser—HEAR ME OUT. I know you’ll stick your nose up on a Bud unless it’s in a solo cup in a beer pong match, but the Houston brewery is PRETTY AWESOME. Especially when you have The Tontons serenading you… which brings me to….

The Tontons. This Houston band’s sound is mellow and soulful. Jazzy, uplifting and melodic. Plus, the lead singer is a style icon. My favorite: Golden – EP (So Young makes me wanna dance in my living room with a martini).

Zoes Kitchen catering. Healthy, delicious and plenty to share. They even have this adorable game day special and it’s just Pinterest everything.


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