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9 Super Simple DIY Gifts for When You’re Broke AF

What do you do when you’re bank account is as exhausted as you are after a spin class? Give it a rest and get crafty for Christmas. Enter: Pinterest slash your creativity (the Pinterest of Yore).

Here are the basics of a Christmas to DIY for. You want to pick 1 to 2 things you wanna do, buy in bulk and buy a couple small gifts to pair with the homemade (e.g. a DIY soap bar with a Forever 21 bracelet). The point is not that you’re being cheap (although, monetarily you’re saving) but instead that you’re being thoughtful. Like, “Merry Christmas! Enjoy this soap I burnt myself four times making, but also have this $3.90 bracelet too if my soap smells like feet.”

PSA: Sorry, friends.

So, here’s the list. And, because God forbid you perform your own Google/Pinterest search, I made a Pinterest board for you.

  1. Necklaces. (Note: You must be stylish to accomplish this one.)
    My roommate makes necklaces, and I actually have no skills for this. BUT, she TELLS ME she goes out and buys beads and charms she likes and strings them. She’ll tie knots between beads or do other fancy things. Then I steal borrow them and brag I bought them from this new designer brand called Genevieve. Anyways, it’s pretty easy and actually a super nice gift, if you do it right.
  2. Candles.
    This a pretty dummy-proof craft project. You can buy all the supplies on Amazon. Get interesting containers, though. Like, don’t give everyone identical jars. That’s not personable. Avoid holiday scents, as your gift will likely come after the fact, right?
  3. Soaps.
    Eh, this one is pretty easy too. You do have a little bit more pressure to make the bar of soap actually look good. Warning: You must have patients with this one.
  4. Bath salts (not the drug).
    OK, this has got to be the easiest one to make. You’re literally just scenting salt. Your creativity comes with choosing the right scent and colors. Also, the container is super important. Do you buy cute jars and decorate with your giftee’s initials? Do you put it in a cute baggie and tie with a ribbon and a charm? Your call.
  5. Coasters.
    This one involves cheap tiles, scrapbook paper and come cork (maybe even the wine corks you’ve hoarded accidentally over the years). Plus, literally everyone needs coasters.
  6. Candy.
    I literally do not eat any store-bought candy during Dec/Jan. I’m all about the homemade toffees and fudges. I love making them as much as I love eating them. Proof.
  7. Photo gifts.
    So, here’s where you get creative. Some options:

    • A ribbon/twine + tiny clothes pins + 5-8 cute pictures of you and your friend = birds on a wire (substitute photos for birds and ribbon for wire).
    • A flat piece of wood + stain + tiny clothes pins glued to the board) + 5-8 cute pictures of you and your friend = woodn’t you like to see more pictures of us.
    • A frame + tons of pictures cut out + pretty paper/ribbons/stickers/etc. = a framed collage.
  8. Scarves. 
    This one also takes style and/or the ability to knit. You can also hit up a cloth store, buy a few yards of your favorite material, and make scarves out of that.
  9. Set of customized charms. 
    Definitely another easy one. You just need some wire, some charms and some, well, patience. And maybe gloves.

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