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6 Places to Go With Your Friends Visiting Houston for the Holidays

Ahh, yes. It’s that wonderful time of year when all your friends are visiting home for the holidays. You’re the Houston guru and a fun time rests in your hands.

You can’t really go wrong anywhere if you have a good friend by your side, but here’s where (and for what occasion) is best for optimal catch-up time with your bud:

For a neighborly bite: Union Kitchen


Not really sure what it is about Union Kitchen, but it feels homey. Split a bottle of wine and some gnocchi or spinach dip, and time will fly by with your old pal.

For a coffee catch-up: Black Hole Coffee


Not being a student anymore, I find it really hard to discover that coffee shop that has a good balance of casual and studious ambiance. Agora for instance, also a great place to catch up, but mostly during the day Agora is filled with UH or Rice students in finals mode (although that should totally be over by now… if not poor things). Black Hole is small and underrated. Get an americano and split a whoopee pie or homemade oreo.

For cheap holiday cheer: A walk or picnic in Discovery Green’s Field of Lights

OK, so you’re broke from Christmas shopping (same). Bring a picnic to one of Houston’s best places to feel festive. It’s pretty chill, but know you might have to fight for a spot to sit.

For tag-team last minute shopping: Highland Village

Highland Village might not be your go-to shopping center for a few reasons: parking kind of sucks (there’s a parking garage), stores are spread out, and there aren’t a ton of stores to work with. But, it rocks for shopping with a friend because you get a lot of beautiful outdoor walking and chit chatting time. Grab a Starbucks (or a Sprinkles cupcake) then walk and talk. Here are the stores for everything you need:

  • Anthropology (for your trendy friend)
  • Crate and Barrel (for your mom)
  • Apple (for your brother)
  • PaperSource (for your scrapbooking aunt)
  • Janie and Jack (for your nephew)
  • Francesca’s (for your friends)
  • Lush (for your coworkers)
  • Jcrew (for your boyfriend)
  • Victoria Secret (for yourself because you earned it after all that shopping)

Hit up Ra Sushi for happy hour after or  PF Changs for dinner.

Runner up: CityCentre, very similar stores and setup, but probably much crazier.

For a challenge: Treadsack’s #Nogsmas tour

You know Hunky Dory, Foreign Correspondents and Down House we are always blogging about? Yeah, they (along with the other Treadsack bars and restaurant) are doing a eggnog crawl. You get a punch card and if you punch all six nogs, Santa gives you a very special gift. Ho, ho, hell yes. It can be done in one day (maybe stop to eat at one) and provides ample time to catch up with your hometown friend(s).

For a beer by the fire or a night out: Montrose

I have a billion reasons for skipping Midtown, but the biggest one is this: Montrose is just better.

Brooklyn Athletic Club is great for a game watch or a casual bite. There’s some games (corn hole, ping pong, etc.) and usually there’s a fire pit a-blazin’.

La Grange is your one-stop shop for going out. There’s so many bars within, so you can move around all while your tab is conveniently open at all of them. It’s outdoor/indoor, but bring a coat if it’s cold.

Tell us what you wanna do with YOUR visiting BFF(s)!

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