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5 Alcohols for the Perfect Hostess Gift

Tis the season to be merry. The best way to get your holiday spirit on? A little shmoozy booze to get your party on. Below are some unique alcoholic party starters that work perfectly as hostess gifts that say I’m classy, I have manners, but also I like to get a little down and dirty in my tacky Christmas sweater. Choose a few share and spare. Because lawd knows you’re going to need a drink or two to get you through the holidays. Bonus: None of these will break the bank!

christmas alcohol

Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc – Just think of how sophisticated you’ll sound when you stroll into a party with you “shen-in blaaancc”, darling.  (It’s a wine in case you were wondering). This Chenin has a powerful nose of guava, lime zest and ripe pear braced by honeysuckle and orange blossoms and a juicy palate with opulent passion-fruit, finishing off with tart grapefruit characteristics. Memorize those words so you can lead the dinner table through a pretentious wine tasting session. The best part? It’s under $20 and you can find it at your local HEB.

Cranberry Gose by Texas Beer Refinery – It’s pink AND it’s a beer. So yeah, dreams do come true. Pronounced “goze-ah,” it’s fruity seasonal beer, kind of sour and made by a TBR in Dickinson, Texas. Driving out there you not only get a growler full of unique beer, but you get a great dinner table story about your adventure down I-45.

Qupe Central Coast Syrah – Maybe I’m going through a phase, but savory, spicy wine is just the best.  This Syrah is fruity and refreshing and balanced by grapes from cool and warm climates. Need a white elephant gift under $20? This is the bottle for you. Plus, if you procrastinate it’s easy to pick up at your local Houston grocery store.

Buffalo Bayou’s Sam’s Daily: The latest beer in Buffalo Bayou’s collection. It was just released this year so most of your friends probably haven’t tried it yet. It’s crisp, refreshing and not an annoying artsy IPA. This is the beer you want to start conversations at your football game watch party.

Pennsylvania Dutch Eggnog: This drink has become a bit of a family tradition at my home. Whiskey, rum and brandy blended with fresh dairy cream make this a holiday favorite. Just add a little cinnamon and ground nutmeg to create a wonderful holiday cocktail.

Bonus: From our 2014 Holiday Archives: “5 Alcohols That’ll Get You Through Christmas.” A must read for anyone who needs to take the edge off.

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