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Cozy brunch at Big Eyed Fish

Although none of my friends will agree with me–for lack of knowing or reasons to be obstinate, I firmly believe that Big Eyed Fish, the American Southern cuisine restaurant on Washington Ave. is wildly reminiscent of a pub in Ireland. It’s cozy with wood paneling, a friendly bar, plenty of benches for seating and with the Christmas decorations up I was just having so much de ja vu thinking I had been transported across the ocean to the Irish Isle. The bright turquoise building probably gives off a totally different vibe in the summer, but in the cooling winter months it’s definitely a cozy place to grab a drink–or in our case–brunch!

Dining there for a brunch a few weeks ago was a delightful experience. Why you ask? Because the drinks were delightfully cheap. Sangria and mimosas for $3? Don’t hate it. I’ve brunched at A LOT of places. And if you just want a glass, this is definitely one of the best deals in town! A Bloody Mary is only $5.50!

The meals were decent as well (although they totally batched the whole poaching of the egg thing for our eggs benedict–totally overcooked. Ugh) We ordered a variety of things from the fried avocado eggs benedict, to the make your own omelet, and the steak n’ eggs plate.

Next time I go, I’m totally going to order a fat carafe of grapefruit juice mimosas. I’d also like to check out their mac and cheese, outdoor patio, and killer happy hour menu!

Brunch at Big Eyed Fish Houston Brunch at Big Eyed Fish Houston

Big Eyed Fish Brunch

Big Eyed Fish Brunch


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