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New Year: A Healthier Mind in 5 Steps

We’re like not even a week into this year, and I bet you’re already feeling the New Year’s resolution struggle. I feel you. It’s rough, and often you’re probably a little more ambitious in the last eve of 2015 than you are on your normal goal setting days.

Remember: You don’t need a new year to have a new you. If you didn’t vow to lose 10 pounds and start drinking less already, you can still promise yourself that.

Or, you can promise to make your mind healthier.


As adults, we kinda get in a rut when it comes to mental stimulation. Everything your mind does is for work or play. There’s no class reading to challenge you or thought-provoking lectures at the water cooler (it’s mostly, “Good morning, gosh traffic sucked today, right?” every. single. day.)

Here’s what you could do to bring brainy back:

1. Subscribe to newsy newsletters.

tumblr_mbefjsKhMo1riqzepo1_500PSA: You’re literally doing it wrong if you don’t get news straight to your inboxes. Here are my favorites…

2. Trade TLC for a smart, entertaining show.

tumblr_mo8fv6DvVZ1rwzsbso1_500Believe it or not, there is actually pretty good smart people TV out there. So, rather than binge on bad TV, try one of these options:

  • John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. The most you’ve probably seen of this show is the British host’s rants trend on Facebook news. He is piercing with his political and social issue commentary. He does NOT hold back, and it’s captivating.
  • Adam Ruins Everything. This guy will literally challenge everything you believe in and how it’s all a lie fed to you by society (and usually the ad industry).
  • Brain Games. How do you improve your mind? Maybe learn more about how it works. Now streaming on Netflix.

3. Join (or create) a book club.

matilda-reading.jpgAhem, I wrote the book on book club. It’s simple: pick a book and some friends, have a deadline, and show up to drink and discuss. Hint: Pick one of these.

4. Journal daily.

tumblr_m98olgfGRX1rpwthrI’m all about writing (obviously) but it’s hard to make myself sit down and actually writing something not for work or the blog. So, I got the 5-year daily journal. It makes me write one line a day for five years. You get to see how far you go in those years and it holds you accountable for at least a small entry daily.

5. Swap music for a podcast every once in a while.

serial-podcast-parody-lol-funny-or-dieIf your morning commute is long, you’re wasting travel time if you’re not listening to podcasts. Honestly, I’m OBSESSED (clearly). Here are the ones you need to check out:

  • This American Life. Stories (social issue and otherwise).
  • Serial. If you don’t know this, who are you and where’s the rock you’ve been living under?
  • RadioLab. Slightly more sciencey stories.
  • TED Radio Hour. TED talks (pick and choose what you wanna hear).
  • Monocycle with Leandra Medine. Quick 10-minute talks from the creator of ManRepeller about life, etc.

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