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First Look Brunch @ The Barking Pig

Okay the title of this post might be a bit misleading, because it wasn’t technically a “first look” when I went there for brunch. The place had been open a few weeks but they had just begun to debut their Brunch menu and were still figuring things out when I went. So basically if you go to this place in the next few weeks you can be considered a super trendy, hip foodie (at least by my standards) because not only did it just open, but it’s in a hipster, lesser known part of the Houston Heights.

Nestled in a neighborhood corner spot on Ella between TC Jester and 610, the Barking Pig is a homey-yet trendy-bar and hangout spot. According to the website it looks like it was started by two women, so hell yeah #girlpower. It’s got big patio with plenty of table seating as well as lounge space. When we were there for Sunday brunch, a live DJ was posted up outside to set the mood.

The brunch concept is pretty casual. You seat yourself, and either order at the bar or grab a server as they walk by. We had to go to the bar several times to ask for things like silverware, extra glasses, more water, etc and our food came out at random times (not all at once).

The Barking Pig Brunch Menu

The menu was delightful though. I struggled deciding between the frittata, “Open Heights” sandwich and tostada. Everything looked good! I ended up with the “Open Heights” sandwich which had a fried egg and fried Brussels sprouts. YUM. Although when everyone’s plates came out, I was questioning my decision because everything looked so dang good! I’m definitely planning on coming back to try out the other items. Pretty much obsessed by the location and vibe of the place. Will def be back to check out the evening menu and happy hour. It’s a new restaurant with a fun concept, so I hope to see them succeed!

The Barking Pig Brunch Menu


The Barking Pig Brunch Menu

The Barking Pig Brunch Menu

The Barking Pig Brunch Menu

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